Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blessed Christmas Home Décor

Guest post by Ella
Christmas time is almost here – just around the corner, in fact, already in wait of the houses in the world to shine up with their joyous decorations and summon the holiday spirit to bring bliss and elation to the homes. You should take this as a cue and start with your Christmas decorations. Time to bring some holiday colours to the home and enjoy the liveliness of the atmosphere while in wait for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. And here is how to do this most properly:

The Blank Sheet

Of course, before the decorating comes, make sure it all goes on a clean sheet. Set up the white blank page for your creativity with a thorough home cleaning. You should also supply yourself with an all-purpose cleaner and clean out any old ornaments you will use – if you are going to decorate the house, then use clean and shiny decorations. Have a run with the vacuum cleaner at all corners, take out the feather duster and get rid of the layers of dust. Get the home clean to get it ready.

The Christmas Tree

Of course, you should start with the Christmas tree. Pick a tree that fits your house. If you want a rich Christmas spirit, then don’t go too big or too small, pick one that is just right. And don’t go all mushy when you get to the tree shop. The trees have already been cut down, so at least make their sacrifice meaningful by giving them a purpose. Yes, there will be some more need of home cleaning and carpet cleaning after Christmas is done, but it’s too early to worry about that.

The Lights and Hanging Ornaments

Christmas lights have long since become traditional to show your delight toward the holiday. The brighter the lights are, the more they shine, then the happier you are that Christmas is here. At least that is the mainstream view. You can choose however much lights you want and hang them wherever you want – on the windows, around the walls, around the tree, it does not matter. All it matters is that when you turn them on, you feel the invasion of cheer. Same goes for the position and number of snow angels and cherubs that should glide above your head.

The Fancy Wreath

You can’t have a wholesome Christmas without a creative wreath. Either make one of nature, with leaves and fir cones and acorns and a beatific ribbon attached, or make one with a certain shape to display your creativity. Examples are a snowman, a reindeer, a bag of presents, et cetera. Have the wreath be a symbol of the peace and serenity with which you will be welcoming the birth of Christ.

And these are the essentials of your Christmas décor. With them you can openly state that you are ready to face the year’s best celebration with happiness. You can add more, of course, but you should always be mindful of the home cleaning that will follow. Then again, there are always cleaning companies for that, right? So go wild and make it a Christmas décor of a lifetime.

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