Thursday, June 9, 2011

Letters to Blessings: When There's No Fresh Air

I am going to start writing some posts that are like little letters to our blessings, (our children), so we can remember things that have been going on in our lives.  This will be the first such "letter".

When There's No Fresh Air

Dear Blessings,

For almost a week now, our usual bright blue skies have been covered in a smoky gray.  The fires burning in Arizona have sent smoke towards us that has filled the air with the smell of something on fire.  At times we cannot even see the mountains at all!  Thankfully, we sometimes get a break from the smoke and can open up the windows to let in fresh air and run the cooler.

We had such a time this morning, and we even got to go outside to play for awhile.  We saw a hummingbird and the usual doves around our yard.  Creative found a locust and we enjoyed making him jump (and fly) to new spots for a little bit.

Cherished of God "planted" a dead tree branch in the sand in our backyard.  She noticed that our sand has started to actually resemble soil a little bit because of all the dead leaves and weeds that have mixed in with the sand over time.

I brought the baby out with us too this time.  It was nice for her to get a little sun, but I had to carry her the whole time since I can't get shoes on her yet and there's no way she could go barefoot in our yard!  I'm sorry I didn't take our camera with us when we went out to play, but I do have a few pictures of our smoky skies from the last few days.

A little bit down the road, smoky gray skies

A smoky sky across the street

Above the rooftops~gray, gray, gray

Oh and praise God, everyone is finally feeling so much better from the bought of sickness and ear infections.  Last Sunday we got to go see some of our church and homeschool friends perform in a play called "Cheaper by the Dozen".  It was the first play for you children, and Cherished of God wondered how there were couches now in the church we used to go to, and I had to explain the concept of stage props to her :)  You had a fun time and got to pet the puppy who was in the play afterward.

Love you.


  1. It is so sad about the fires in AZ. I live 30 miles from the fire. I am currently helping my mother in CA. I have been in those forest and it is so sad to see it destroyed. Also we were suppose to move to Springerville. God intervened and sent us to help my mother. It is so sad all those people had to be evacuated.
    Pray for rain or containment and safety for the fire fighters.

  2. We have had days of grey skies this week, so i decided to get some supplies an make the most of the day. We planning to have a little fire and make some toast and marshmallows, hopefully the weather will change soon.

  3. It is sad, and we have been praying for Arizona every day.

  4. It is such a shame about all these fires, we have them too, today the air is filled with smoke, I stay in when the wind blows it our way. The swamp has been burning for weeks now, I wonder where all the wild life is going, it is sad to know so many have lost lives, and homes and treasures in those fires. Praying they will go out soon, and all will resume to normal. Have blessed weekend, Barbara

  5. Mrs. Q,

    I enjoyed reading your "letter." It gives me a glimpse into your everyday life.

    From the looks of your photos, there sure seems to be much gray around. I also didn't realize that you live in a Suburbia Land like me. I'm glad I'm not alone in this regard. :)

    I smiled when you had to explain to one of your daughters about the couches in the church, tee hee. I guess that would seem strange to a child. I hope she as able to understand the concept.

    I'm glad to hear that your family is recovering from their various illnesses and are doing well, yeah! Now Mommmy can "come-up-for-air" a little bit. :)

    Have a great day Mrs. Q. :)


    -L. Rose

  6. Stay safe, Barbara and blessings to you.

    Lady Rose~thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it and many blessings to you :)


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