Monday, July 24, 2023

Gone Before You Know It



One day, it will all be gone.  


Those sleepless nights you thought you'd never get through.  

The waking babies who constantly need you. 

The sick little one with an earache or tummy trouble in the night. 

Days where your toddler wants you to read the same book twenty-one times in a row...



Those days when you think you will always be pregnant and you think you can't get through another one.

You can choose to skip a few years of babies, can't you? 

You think your fertility will last forever.

But one day it will be gone.

One day you'll be sad at the negative tests and wish for just one more sweet babe to hold in your arms...

Or maybe the babies will come but they'll die in your womb, leaving their broken bodies behind with your broken heart...

All gone.

Those days when your house is full of many little ones, 

each needing your attention and help for many things.

How will you ever get through these days of so many?

But one day, those days will be gone.

The unkind words, the arguments amongst your children.

The dirty floors.

The piles of laundry.

The spills and the broken glasses.

The piles of school books all over the house.

It will be gone.

The children will grow up and grow out of needing you all the time.

You'll wonder if you did enough, cared enough, taught enough.

To your dear little ones and growing up ones.

Hopefully they will marry, and you hope they will live close by!

But they may move further

And then they'll be gone.

So, let us treasure, each day, each hour, every moment...

Because one day, it will be all gone.


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  1. How very true! May God grant us the wisdom and patience to enjoy what we have when the children are home. We will realize in our old age how very precious those years were!

    1. Yes, true, we need wisdom from the Lord. The years fly by without us realizing how important the time and things chosen have been.

  2. Oh comme cet article me touche ! Mes quatre enfants sont grands et tous ne sont pas à proximité . Je suis grand-mère et je dis souvent aux parents , quand c'est difficile et fatigant, que rien ne dure ! Un jour, ils seront nostalgiques de cette période . Je repense souvent à mes "petits" et je suis tellement reconnaissante d'avoir pû être maman au foyer , quelle chance pour moi et pour eux ! Merci pour ce message et portes toi bien :) Que Dieu te garde .

    1. Oh yes, parents don't realize when they are going through those tiring days that it will not last! Thanks for your lovely comment. May God bless you.

  3. So true! Thank you for this reminder; it was perfect. I can relate to wanting it to be "over," but then reminding myself that once it is over, I will probably be sad and miss this special season of life! So I choose all over again to cherish and enjoy what God has given me now. This post was so convicting + encouraging to me that I'm going to print it out and put it someplace where I will see it every day.

  4. Rewatching your last video :-) Missing spending time with you as a I clean the kitchen & or make supper.
    VERY humid here in Iowa, 75% humidity & 90 something degrees.
    our youngest daughter has a 3 yr old , one yr old & one on the way, she is so busy, I remind her about what you wrote. LOL. She gives a Look!
    But she does realize these days are numbered.
    blessing to you & yours.


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