Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Dreaming

I am dreaming. Dreaming of a simpler time.  A time when the children and I are playing in the backyard, immune to the busyness of current life.  It has been too cold lately to linger long in our backyard, but I am dreaming of warmer days.

I am thinking of how we could beautify our backyard.  There is a lot of sand here in the summertime.  We have left the fallen leaves in the yard to change our sand more into soil.  I think it would be nice to have a lovely garden with some paving stone to create a pleasant pathway.

I have also been thinking about our front yard.  We have a lot of rock and a small patch of grass.  The children love to play on the grass, and they try to lay on the grass, but we have a problem with goat heads.  Last year I pulled many of those plants up, but I was not able to get them all.  I have thought of installing artificial grass to not have to worry about those silly goat heads!  Then we could lie in the grass without getting poked and look up at the big, beautiful sky.

Well, I am just dreaming, but it is good for a homemaker to have dreams.  What dreams do you have for your home?

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  1. Thank you for Dreaming....yes we all need to dream! I think I would dream that our lives were filled with more fun! I find I am getting wearied by the cares of this world...and that I bring that to my children's live way too many times :( I would love a trip across the the form as a homeschooling field trip...going to all the Hsitorical places in the East Coast! I would love to take our History loving boys to scenes of the American Revolution and Civil War battlefields...yes that would be a dream come true! Thank you for letting me dream! God bless you

  2. I have also been dreaming about our outside. I want flowers around it. I also want a couple of fruit trees. I want a kitchen garden in containers just outside my kitchen door. For the inside, I want a skylight because our house is too dark. I also want to tear out all the carpet and have terracotta floors with some large Persian hand made rugs. Some day, (sigh) if the Lord wills it.

  3. Oh, your dreams are lovely, Michele! I hope you are able to spend some time beautifying your outside living space for your family to enjoy, once your weather permits. I wonder if your library has some books on gardening that you could consult now, while the weather is too cold to spend time outside. Then once spring begins in earnest you could have a plan in place to beautify your lawns.

  4. I love that picture! It charmed me when I first saw it, and my husband bought it for me as a birthday gift. I know this isn't decorating sense, but we had a really loooonnngg hallway in one house we lived, and I put the picture at the end of it. Since I had to make that long hallway trip several times a day, it was nice to have something to look at while I was doing it! It made it seem like you could keep walking and walk right down that path and pet the cat.

    Old, worn out quilts and quilted blankets (picnic quilts!) are nice to lay on outside on the lawn. I wonder if those pesky goat heads would poke through a quilt?

  5. Victorianlady--more fun and joy would be great to have!

    Mrs. A--I would love flowers and some fruit trees too.

    Thank you for the ideas, Miss Linda. It takes a lot of water to keep things green around here, though!

    Lillibeth--how wonderful you have that picture. It is gorgeous! And thank you for the quilt idea. I will see if I can try that.

  6. Hi Don and Shelly, so good to hear from you! That sounds like so much fun!

  7. I am dreaming of a home out in the country. Where my children and animals can roam. I am dreaming of our own home. Where one can get lost in thought as I tend to the garden, or hanging up clothing. Or sitting in the chair watching my children and grandchildren play.

  8. I sometimes have dreams that we could make our stint of a backyard more decorative and attractive too, but there is no budget for that right now. I'd like to have a larger refrigerator, so I am not stacking so many things on top of one another on the inside . . . I have other dreams too, though I try to be content with what I have.

    1. I have the same problem with the refrigerator, but yes, it is good to learn to be content.

  9. I, too, am dreaming. I am dreaming of more vegetables next year. My husband and young men built me two raised garden boxes last year, for my veggies. This year, I will interplant more veggies amongst my flowers as well. I have a long, skinny stretch of property on the front side of the house that is just dirt/weeds. I'd like to supplement that soil and grow vegetables and flowers there as well - maybe a cutting flower bed. I'm realizing how important it is to provide good, healthy foods for my family. We got chickens last spring, so we are now eating lovely, organic, fresh eggs daily. :-) Maybe we'll plant a fruit tree or two in the spring. :-D


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