Friday, November 3, 2023

Journey to Bethlehem Movie--Should You See It?

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 We don't go to the movies...ever.   But in case you do and were considering going to see this new movie, I came across a review from a friend that I thought I'd share with you.  This movie strays far from the Biblical account.

Friends, if you are considering taking your children to see the movie: Journey to Bethlehem, we saw this as a preview movie a couple of months ago and I absolutely do NOT recommend. Just a couple of concerns out of many:
1. Mary is pictured as a rebellious teen who does not want to get married but instead wants to be a teacher and is angry with her father for forcing a betrothal on her.
2. Joseph is a flirty young man who is trying to woo a young girl in the marketplace even though he knew he was promised to Mary and the young lady tells him she’s betrothed. Eventually it becomes clear he was actually accidentally flirting with his future wife, but still. No.
3. In this story Herod’s son shows up at the birth of Jesus and because of Mary standing up to him, lets the family go free, even ordering his soldiers to help.
We had many more concerns with this film. Please do not be deceived and take young, impressionable children to see this movie.

(Review by Malia Russell)

Be blessed, ladies.

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  1. Wow, thank you for letting us know

  2. Thank you for the heads up! We agree - a definite pass. Sounds terrible. Janine (I kept trying to log in but it keeps taking me back to anonymous)

  3. Thank you so much for an honest critique. This is very helpful.

  4. Thank you for filling us in. I will definitely not be going to see this movie!

  5. Saw the “ journey to Bethlehem” movie. Here are couple of things that I found questionable:

    1. Joseph flirting with a girl in the marketplace just before his betrothal ceremony. He was caught and called out on it. (That is what men do, right?) Great character!
    2. Neither of them wanted to get married (especially Mary. She wanted a career) but their parents forced them.
    3. It was an arranged marriage. They did not know each other.
    4. “I am the Lord’s servant,” and. “May your word to me be fulfilled” were completely skipped. Instead Mary had so many more questions when the angel left. (How rude!)
    5. Mary told joseph (not the angel) about Mary’s vision and he (and his parents) rejected her. They pretty much scolded her.
    6. Mary was sent to Elizabeth to hide her pregnancy.
    7. Skipped: Jesus leaping in the womb when the 2 pregnant women meet (minor detail)
    8. Zechariah was a dummy mute (we do not know why) person. In general, all men (including the angel) are dumb and weird in the entire movie. The women, on the other hand, are wise and have it together.
    9. Finally Joseph is having his dream. He is torn. Stone her? Or accept her? Somehow Mary transformed into an angel in Jospeh’s dream.
    10. Mary has a feisty personality. She is pretty much wiser, more courageous, stronger (distracts the Romans) and the decision-maker in the relationship.
    11. Joseph runs after Mary to Zechariah and Elizabeth supposedly to save her from herod’s son who was looking for a young unmarried pregnant women
    12. Marry proposes to Joseph. More like asks him to marry her. (Just safer to be pregnant and married given Herod’s hunt - how convinent!)
    13. They do not just get married, they eloped (no parents) on the spot.
    14. Joseph promises to protect Mary but the donkey knocks out a Roman soldier.
    15. They were going to Jospeh’s parent’s house in Bethlehem but there were too many Roman soldiers checkpoints.
    16. Herod’s son found baby Jesus but chose to let them go.
    17. It was snowing in Bethlehem
    18. Movie ends with macho Joseph telling toddler Jesus that he kissed Mary first. but we, viewers, know better what happened. She would not even let him kiss her on the lips after Zachariah declares (gesturing, of course) them husband and wife

    Took my 13 year old daughter and 9 year old boy.


  6. Unfortunately, it is being recommended on many blogs as a must see "Christian" movie. Thank you for speaking up. I guess I'm old fashioned. I thoroughly enjoy old movies. I always told my children that black and white movies have black and white values. I'd rather watch old movies and TV shows that support my values. It is very sad what our children are exposed to today. It only adds to the confusion of what to believe as truth. PJ

  7. Such a great commentary! Thank you for posting! I watched the 9 minute preview on YouTube and even without knowing the above things seemed off. Now I know why!! My sons really love For King and Country so they were really intrigued by this movie. So much discernment is needed in this day and time! Thanks for using your blog for good! :) Blessings! Megan


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