Friday, November 3, 2023

Journey to Bethlehem Movie--Should You See It?

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 We don't go to the movies...ever.   But in case you do and were considering going to see this new movie, I came across a review from a friend that I thought I'd share with you.  This movie strays far from the Biblical account.

Friends, if you are considering taking your children to see the movie: Journey to Bethlehem, we saw this as a preview movie a couple of months ago and I absolutely do NOT recommend. Just a couple of concerns out of many:
1. Mary is pictured as a rebellious teen who does not want to get married but instead wants to be a teacher and is angry with her father for forcing a betrothal on her.
2. Joseph is a flirty young man who is trying to woo a young girl in the marketplace even though he knew he was promised to Mary and the young lady tells him she’s betrothed. Eventually it becomes clear he was actually accidentally flirting with his future wife, but still. No.
3. In this story Herod’s son shows up at the birth of Jesus and because of Mary standing up to him, lets the family go free, even ordering his soldiers to help.
We had many more concerns with this film. Please do not be deceived and take young, impressionable children to see this movie.

(Review by Malia Russell)

Be blessed, ladies.

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