Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stylish and Modest Skirts

The Parasol
 As Christian women, it is important to dress in modest apparel.  I also like to wear skirts to be feminine and distinguish myself from men.  If you don't usually wear skirts or a dress, maybe you should try it and see how men treat you more like a lady.  Now, many men today are clueless about chivalry, but, we can help bring that back by dressing and acting femininely and reminding them that yes, indeed, we are ladies!

If you've been searching and searching and searching for some modest skirts that are still stylish and beautiful, I have good news for you!  I know how hard it is to find something decent at the stores because I have looked!  One of my favorite places to buy skirts is New Creation Apparel because:
  1. They have only skirts that are modest and to fit every taste.
  2. They are a Christian company.
  3. Sigrid, the owner, is so sweet and a delight to do business with.
  4. They ship very promptly.
  5. I have never been disappointed in the quality of their skirts.
  6. The prices are affordable, and are actually some of the best I've seen for new, modest skirts.
  7. The do have a large selection of clearance items with even lower prices.
  8. They have the best maternity skirts!
New Creation Apparel just recently got a shipment in of new skirt styles and also restocked some of their other skirts.  It is best to shop there at these times so you can find the size you need.  Here are some of the new skirts that have arrived:

Pleated Panel Khaki

Cairo Denim
Two Pleats Black

I hope this helps you find some modest, beautiful skirts!  I really do love this company, and that is why they advertise here on Blessed Homemaking.  Happy shopping!

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  1. Do you have any suggestions on the sizing? I looked at the sizing chart and I'm in between on height and waist. Do they run bigger or smaller than other things?

    1. If you are in between I would go with the larger rather than smaller size closest to your measurements because the skirt could possibly shrink some after washing.

  2. Yes, My SIL told me about them and gave me their business card. I plan to get something from them sometime soon. I like that pleated skirt in the picture! ;)

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Yes, they are really great! I hope you can get something soon!

  3. Oh my! What beautiful clothing! These are skirts that I wouldn't mind wearing. They are actually selling skirts in the stores again, but they are quite ugly and unappealing.

    Well, the husband says the "purse" is closed right now, but I'll go and check-out her link and do some "window shopping." :)

  4. I have bought a number of skirts from them, they post to Australia and will sort out a really good postage deal. Their customer service is excellent :))

  5. I love NC skirts, too. And I can get great ideas for making skirts just from looking at theirs. :)
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  6. I love buying from New Creation. They are the only place that I have been able to find nice modest looking skirts in my size. I love that they come in several lengths too. Now us short women can wear skirts. :)


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