Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Save $2 on Motivated Moms Planner

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Starting today, December 31, through January 2, 2014, you can save $2 on the Motivated Moms planners.  These are planners that have each day planned out with the chores you need to do.  If you need help with knowing what chores to do each day or just want something to keep you on track, this is a great tool!  With this coupon code, you will get $2 off.  The Motivated Moms planner is also available for the iOS app and Android.  Motivated Moms is lowering the iOS app price from $1.99 to $0.99, and they are lowering the year subscription to $5.99.  That way, if you have already purchased the app at the full price of $1.99 you can add on a year and still take advantage of the discount.  If you purchase both the app and the year subscription during the sale, you will get 14 months of tasks and server access.

Here are the details broken down by product:
  • ebooks: $2 off with code MM2014 making them $6 (regularly $8)
  • Android 2014 app: price will be reduced to $5.99 (regularly $7.99)
  • iOS: app price will be reduced to 99¢ (regularly $1.99) and a year subscription will be $5.99 (regularly $7.99)
Here are the details on the new iOS app:

It's different this time around - instead of a new app every year, they are moving to a subscription model. They have made the initial app a lower price ($1.99) and it includes two months of tasks and server access. They made it a lower initial price so you could try the full app without the higher price. This also allows you to start using the app any time and the two months start when they buy the app. Then if you like it, you can add additional months as an in-app purchase. One month for 99¢ and a full year for $7.99 (a year is the same price as before). The year adds on an additional 12 months so if you buy the app, then the year, you will have 14 months of tasks and server access.

New features: The server access means if the you create an account, you can install the app on their other iOS devices and share their data with their household. They have also added a print/email feature allowing you to print or email a days' tasks. Last, they have added a new sorting option - user sort, which allows the user to drag the tasks around in their preferred order.
Order your Motivated Moms planner of your choice, here--just use coupon code MM2014 at checkout to get $2 off.  And don't forget about our 2014 Daily Planner giveaway!

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