Monday, December 30, 2013

Finding Blessings Around You

My Eldest Daughter, 1904

Isn't it a blessing when things in your home function properly?  Think what would happen if your oven broke.  You wouldn't be able to bake or cook in it.  Or the refrigerator--all your food would be spoiled.  The washer or dryer breaking would be disastrous in this house because I always have to wash laundry every day.  Not too long ago we had problems with our dishwasher, and I was so glad we have a warranty on it.  However, I had to wait over a week to get service on it, and even then, they did not do a good job at all.  In the meantime, everyone took turns washing the mountains of dishes that result from a large family.

In these colder months I have been thanking the Lord whenever we come inside to a nice, warm house.  That wouldn't be the case if our furnace broke!  And because of our hot water heater, we have hot water for showers and dishes.  What is a home if it does not have warmth or hot water?  Well, it is definitely not as pleasant.  These things are blessings and we should not take them for granted.

If you are having trouble being thankful, just take a look around you.  Surely something is working right.  Thank the Lord for those things that are working right, and even those that aren't.  Don't we have so many blessings?  If we focus on the good the Lord has brought into our lives and the good things He has supplied, we will be much happier and joyful.  Yes, in this life things will break, and sometimes we will go without.  But God is so good.

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  1. Very true! Thank you for the reminder to be thankful. I have been reminding myself probably every day lately. It is easy to get bogged down with negative thinking. I am not one who likes to be depressed. I need to be cheerful. That is how I normally am. LOL, just this weekend our oven door broke but my husband fixed it thankfully. Our dishwasher has been broken for months now but we can't seem to find the extra funds to get it fixed so we wash by hand or buy paper plates. But I'm so thankful to have a heater and warm soft and heavy blankets.

    God Bless and Happy New Year! :)


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