Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lovely Days at Home

Studying Children  

I so much enjoy being at home.  With some of my older children, there seem to be more days that we are away from home for various reason.  I do not have them in a bunch of extracurricular activities, but still, there is always so much going on with shopping, Bible studies, appointments, and other things.  Being away so much doesn't leave enough time for house keeping, and I miss it so--the quiet, peaceful days at home with my children.

We have started our new school year, and are enjoying our new curriculum, which I will have to share with you about some time.  One day a week, we have a day that is devoted to art lessons, piano lessons (which I teach), and character studies.  The children also catch up on any school work they got behind in and make any corrections to their work that they still need to make.  Today we had such a day, and were quickly reminded how badly I need to get the piano tuned!  Hopefully and prayerfully soon.  One of my daughters is learning violin, but she is still interested in piano too, for which I am grateful.  Soon, I will need to get some higher level books for her to learn from.  I am praying I will be able to do that.

I think it is important that my children get to enjoy art--making things by hand.  This year, one of my children is going to be studying watercolor, one will be studying drawing horses, one will have her own drawing course, two others will be using the same art book for children, and another will have her own art lessons for her age to go through.  (The littlest one also has a book of art to enjoy).  Child of Truth's art book included projects that are a bit out of the ordinary, and some that are ordinary for art.  For instance, today, we made butter.  We put some good quality cream in a mason jar and shook it up for about twenty minutes until a nice ball of butter formed.  Most of the other children took turns shaking the jar too.  It was lots of fun and our first time making butter.

What a sweet blessing it is to be home with your children, loving and learning together ♥

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  1. Last year was my last homeschooling year, and I miss the planning for it... but Our Lord has shown me the journey as I look back and pack my sons to move on to their new college years.

    Enjoy your homeschooling year :0) mari

    1. Thanks!

      It must be so hard to be done! I'm glad I have several years left :)

  2. Would you care to share the program about drawing horses? I have a few girls that would interest!

    1. Sure! We are using Barry Stebbing's (How Great Thou Art) Wonderful World of Drawing Horses. From CBD, you can get just the book, or a whole set that includes art supplies for the course. Hope this helps!

  3. Did you ever share about that new curriculum? Did you love it and did it bring peace to your home?

    1. I didn't share about it yet! I just have been so busy! I will have to share about it soon--thanks for the reminder :)


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