Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring and Giveaway Reminder

An English Cottage Garden

Happy spring to my readers.  My children are excited for the first day of spring.  We are trying to heal from a long bout of sickness.  We are on the mend though, although some of us have secondary health problems caused from the sickness (ear infections and the like)... I am praying we can get over them soon.

Today the children got to play outside.  It was rather cloudy, but they enjoyed the fresh spring air.  My eldest took down the winter decorations and made some spring decorations to put up.  It is a joy to have daughters that want to beautify the home, even in the busyness of life.

I hope you are enjoying some spring weather--ours has been unusually warm, even during winter time.  And don't forget there is only a short time to enter the giveaway for It is Your Life: the Moody Family.

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  1. I hope your little ones feels better soon! Our first day of spring was weird, we have a snow storm !!! Crazy Canadian spring lol!


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