Friday, September 12, 2014

How Much is Your Family's Health Worth?


So, for a while I've been promoting the Ultimate Bundles.  Why?  Well, it's certainly not because I make a ton of money from them, though sometimes I make a little.  One reason I get involved with these bundles is that I believe they provide tremendous value.  The products in this bundle are worth over $1,000.  There are several products I'm interested in that cost more than that, individually.

Another reason I'm promoting the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is because I am really interested in learning about health for my family.  After learning over the years that doctors don't usually provide cures but just treat symptoms, and experiencing the ill effects of that plus using chemicals in our home, I began the journey of learning how to treat my family myself (and have great success with it).  I always find it exciting to "further my education" when it comes to taking care of  my family.

I am passionate about sharing with others about health.  There are so many people suffering with illnesses these days, whether it be allergies or cancer, when I believe God has provided us ways to be healthy.  If you had the ability to learn how to help your family become more healthy, or keep the good health you have now, wouldn't you want to take that opportunity?  And what would that be worth?  Isn't it worth $29.97?

I have to be honest here and say that I prefer real, tangible, hold-in-your-hands books.  I guess I'm "old-fashioned" that way.  However, several resources these days are just not available in print books so I've had to learn to use ebooks for this purpose.  I don't think that makes the material less valuable at all.  Not to mention there are several ecourses included in this bundle.  Several of these are in video or audio form, which makes learning easy.

So I am going to take some time aside and learn some more to further my knowledge to help my family (and myself) be healthy and learn about some issues we still have.  I probably won't read every book or take every course, but I know the ones I want to read and take are regularly priced way more than $29.97!

I hope you will take this opportunity and get this great deal while it's available!  You will have many, many resources at your fingertips to help your family be on the road to health.

If you're ready for a health education...

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