Monday, September 15, 2014

This is Your Last Chance (And You Don't Have to Read Everything)

I just want to remind you that today is your last chance to get the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. After today it's gone, and you will have missed your chance to get all of these amazing resources at a ridiculously low price!

In case you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the materials included in this huge bundle (over $1,000 worth of products...), I want to gently encourage you that you don't have to read every book, take every course, or take advantage of every freebie.  You will still get your money's worth.  Think of this as a library you can access whenever the need or desire arises.  Once you've downloaded your ebooks, you will have them available as you need them--no need to digest every one of them over the next few weeks.  You are completely free to read which ones you choose and take which courses you choose.  You may never have the desire to read all of them, and that's okay.

If you are still on the fence whether this bundle is right for you, I'd encourage you to look at the list of what's included, and pick maybe 10-15 that really interest you.  You will probably find that it's well worth $29.97, even if you just pick a few.  I want to share with you the items I am most interested in.

  1. The Eczema Cure by Emily Barlett.  I, myself, still sometimes have eczema flare up, as well as several of my children.  While we went on the GAPS diet for awhile, we were unable to continue, so I am very interested in this resource.  This resource alone is normally $29.95, so that covers the cost of my bundle.
  2. The Nourished Metabolism by Elisabeth Walling.  This one's all about metabolic health and involves no crazy diets!  I definitely think my metabolism needs some help and can't wait to read this one.  This ones normally costs $30; again the cost more than pays for the bundle.
  3. Traditional Remedies for Modern Families by Sarah Pope.  Sarah is a favorite blogger of mine at The Healthy Home Economist, and I can't wait to read her tips.  Normally priced at $9.99.
  4. Essential Oils & Natural Health by Jessie Hawkins (Vintage Remedies).  This one, I am SO excited about.  I've been learning about essential oils on my own and using them for awhile now, but this course looks AWESOME!  And the value is amazing--this incredible course normally costs $95, but is included in this bundle!
  5. Grocery Savings Made Simple.  I told you all about this when it was available for whatever price you could pay, and this is something I definitely am enjoying learning from.  It's all about saving money on groceries, even while feeding your family a healthy diet!  And the normal price of it is $37.
  6. A Practical Guide to Children's Health.  This one is a hand book of basic, well-researched information for parents to turn to when they need help with health.  There are several topics included that are important to parents, like super foods, special diets, picky eaters, healthy snack ideas, milk, grains and sugar, healthy recipes, OTC medications, prescription medications, vaccines, herbal remedies for common conditions, sleep issues, herbal guide, alternative practitioners, organic clothing and bedding, car seat safety, and more.  Normally $17.95.
  7. Making Organic Food Affordable:  A Step-by-Step Approach for Lowering Your Costs by 50% or More by Tara Wagner.  I purchase a lot of organic food (when I am able), and sure do need tips on lowering the cost of that.  We don't do well eating pesticides, so I buy what we can organic.  This one normally costs $18.00.
  8. Natural Soap Making: Cold Process Soap Basics & Recipes by Jan Berry.  Currently I have a dear friend who makes soaps and sends some to us, but I'd like to learn how to make our own some day, or at least teach my girls.  Normally $9.99.
  9. Whole Foods for the Everyday Cook:  Over 100 Natural Recipes for Everyday Cooking.  This is a nice-sized cookbook ebook and gets rave reviews on Amazon.  I'm looking forward to some new recipes!  Normally $6.99.
  10. Kids Eat Real Food: How to Raise Kids Who LOVE Real Food by Vanessa Pruitt.  I have one child in particular who is more attracted to junk food than the others.  This book has some great ideas (and recipes) to get children to love REAL food.  And normally, it's $16.99.
So there are 10 books/courses I want to start off with.  If I bought these individually, I would have spent about $272!  There is so much more included in this bundle--it is such a great deal!  I'd love it if you'd tell me what books/courses/products interest you most from this bundle.

Don't forget, today, September 15th is the last day to get your bundle!  Be sure to get it before the time's up!

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