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Here is a page with articles, links, and resources I used to have on my sidebar.  In an effort to "clean up" the look of my blog, I have put them here (and will perhaps add more as time passes).

Saving Money

At Coupon Dede you can purchase the coupons you need



Time Management

Homeschool Resources

  • Bogart Family Resources loves providing busy homeschooling moms with convenient, practical, multi-sensory, skill-building resources that save time while building Christian character.  They also stock cheap pregnancy and ovulation tests.
  • The Ultimate Home Schooling Mom's Planner~Whether you are a textbook homeschooler or unschooler or follow any pattern in between, planning will set you free to live more victoriously. 

Places to Find Good Books for Children

Books on the Path
Keepers of the Faith
Solid Ground Christian Books

Modest Clothing  

Articles on Women Working Outside the Home
About Feminine Clothing


Sermons of Interest
Still Waters Revival Books on Sermon Audio 

Effective Laundry Detergents (per Consumer Reports)
  • Tide 2X Ultra for Cold Water
  • Tide 2X Ultra with Dawn StainScrubbers
  • Tide 2X Ultra With a Touch of Downy
  • Era 2X Ultra with Oxi Booster
  • Tide TotalCare Helps Reveal the 7 Signs of Beautiful Clothes
  • Tide 2X Ultra with Color Clean Bleach Alternative
  • Gain 2X Ultra with Bleach Alternative
  • Tide With Bleach with Color Clean
  • Cheer BrightClean for Darks
  • Cheer BrightClean with Bleach Alternative
  • Woolite Concentrated for All Fabrics
  • Great Value (Wal-Mart) 2X Ultra
  • Tide Cold Water
 Free Printables (Homeschooling and Household)


Easy Peasy Chores @

Basic Cake Decorating DVD

Learn How to Crochet with our step by step DVD.

My eBay store

How to Keep Your House Clean with Kids

 Sewing Resources

You Can Make This

Candlemaking Resources

Soap-Making Resources