Friday, March 5, 2010

Tip for Cleaning Blinds

Close-up of the Brown Slats of Window Blinds

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I just heard this tip today for cleaning blinds. Ours seem to accumulate dust too quickly & they have always seemed like such a pain to clean! You have probably seen some of those fancy blind cleaning tools, but instead of that, you can just buy an inexpensive paintbrush to clean them with. I think I am going to do this! Has anyone else tried this?


  1. The way I've cleaned my blinds, which I learned from a cleaning person, is put the blinds on clothes line and spray them down and then let them dry. You can wash down with a soapy sponge as well. Works only when it's nice outdoors though. It works. Blinds are a pain to clean,exactly!! Happy day!

  2. I don't use a paint brush on mine but I do use a cheap feather duster sprayed with a cleaner. I shut the blinds and dust, then shut them "the other way" and dust again, does that make sense? lol.

  3. Oooh, great tip. I never thought to clean blinds with a paintbrush before. My blinds are accumulating copious amounts of dust... maybe I should try that before they get any worse. = )

  4. Oh I do wish we had a clothesline! That would be so nice & sounds like it would work well.

    Mimi~that makes perfect sense!

    Kate~you & me both.

  5. It depends on the type of blinds. For wood, I just use a rag and wood polish. For vinyl or metal blinds I also take them outside and hose them or put them in the shower.

    It can be a pain taking them all down and putting them back up but if you want really clean blinds it has to be done!

  6. I put mine in the bathtub with bleach about every 6 months. Rinse with a plastic cup. They come out great! Use my swiffer when dusting each week turning them down the n up to clean, but they still build up.


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