Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disappointment, but...A Better Day Tomorrow

Today I am a bit disappointed in myself. I didn't get done what I needed to do. I didn't clean anything except dishes & a load of laundry...I meant to vacuum the floors (which need to be done almost every day around here). I needed to wash another load of laundry, which I didn't. I lacked energy & kind of dawdled all day...I didn't have a plan. I lost my focus on my homemaking & on my child training. I was not with the children enough. I lingered too long at the computer, trying to deal with emails & other things. I wanted to get more things put away but didn't.

New Day

But we did breeze through our schoolwork, and I did cook a roast for tomorrow...Tomorrow will be a better day. I wish I was asleep right now, but I'm waiting for the baby to finish eating :)
I must rise early to get my husband off to work. Then a busy, better, day will start. I know I need to wash our sheets & other whites. I am going to lovingly clean the house, and we are going to do school. The little ones will be around us listening or playing, and we will enjoy each others company. We will have a welcoming home when husband comes home at the end of the day.

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  1. You have such a beautiful way of putting things...You did what was important and tomorrow is a fresh start. ..God bless!


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