Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crochet Hat Patterns For Beginners

I do not yet know how to crochet, but I would like to learn how someday to be able to create things and teach our girls.  I do know how to cross stitch though as my grandmother taught me when I was younger.  Here are a few free crochet patterns for making hats that are geared toward those that are fairly new to crocheting.
Do you know how to crochet?  If so, how did you learn?

Crocheted Accessories

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  1. I am not much into crocheting, but I like to knit. Right now I am making a prayer shawl for a lady and then I an going to make myself and my husband cardigans. I haven't knitted in years. I am so happy to get back into the crafts again. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I do and learn from a "how to" book :-)

  3. I taught myself how to crochet using the book, "I can't believe I'm crocheting"

    It has pictures showing you each step and also teaches how to do it left-handed!

  4. Hello Mrs. Q. How are you? We are well.

    Thanks for sharing these patterns. I do not crochet, but I do know how to knit. I'm a beginner, but created a wonderful scraf for myself and daughter.

    Remember to pass by and linkup with us, if you'd like.

    Praying for Mr. Q. xox

  5. To crochet isn't really that hard. But it does take practice.

    I like this picture...especially the hat and scarf. Very stylish : )


  6. I crochet, it is my favorite hobby!! I have been crocheting since I was 8 years old, I was taught by my aunt :) I love knowing that with every stitch I make I am continuing a family tradition,and cannot wait to teach my daughter and continue the tradition! (she is only 11 months old, so we have a while to wait!)

  7. Thank you ladies for your comments. I have hope now that I can at least learn from a book if someone else has done it!

  8. I'm trying to crochet a pull-over vest for me. It is in a shell pattern. I'm a "beginner" and stuck. I'm in need of a good crochet-er to show me what I'm doing wrong! :-)


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