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How to Transition Away from Pants

I am posting a series of articles on the subject of modesty for the Christian woman. This is the 3rd installment and was written by my friend Clevsea. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here:

Part 1
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A Young Woman, Full Length, Holding up Her Skirt, 1877

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How to Transition Away from Pants

A lot of women ask how to transition away from pants. They want to know exactly
"how" to make this change and how to be warm enough and many other things like

But ask yourself an even more important question. Does the Lord want you to stop
wearing pants?

In fact, this is the MOST important question because I have seen people get into
"people - pleasing" within the modest dressing. They don't intend to do that,
what starts out as obedience slowly *can* turn into some kind of popularity
contest with other modest dressing women.

What does the Lord God want for you?

What does He want for me?

Discerning His will seems to come easy for some believers and not so easy for

I went "dresses only" before 1990 and then started the head covering shortly
afterward. I have prayed and begged and sought the Lord God throughout the
entire time attempting to be in His will for me.

I know that I am more comfortable in dresses, skirts, and jumpers and to be
dressed that way gives me a sense of well-being. Is that the Lord showing His
will? Could be. I know when I put on tight pants I feel "convicted" and take
them off right that the Lord showing me His will? I think it's

I think it's important to rely on the Lord and walk with Him and check the Bible
frequently for what it says about clothing. PLUS tons of prayer so that you are
abiding in the vine and allowing the vine dresser to "dress" you and nurture you
as you walk with Him.

That little tugging could very well be the Lord Himself gently swaying your
desire toward skirts. It seems like He works in the little things most of the
time rather than writing you a letter across the sky ...


You can experiment by setting aside a time to not wear pants, don't go crazy and
throw everything you own away. That can come later -- laugh. Try putting your
pants in a box in a hard to get to area of your house and see how long you can
go without them. THEN when you put on a pair of pants after how-ever long of a
time, you'll be surprised at how revealing they ARE.

You'll ask yourself why you never noticed that before. That's just a "look" that
you got used to when you wore them all the time. Being in skirts helps to break
the habit of seeing your outline so clearly in the mirror.

Pray a lot for the Lord's guidance --- not people's guidance.

If it is the Lord then He will continue to nudge you along.
Mrs. Q's notes:

I have worn pants for most of my life except for wearing dresses to church on Sundays. As a rebellious teenager, I absolutely hated wearing dresses (unless they were of the gothic sort). As I became convicted of wearing more feminine clothes to include dresses (see Bible study post here), I began wearing the long skirts that I had purchased off of eBay several months before. It was not easy! At first it was very strange to wear skirts all (or most) of the time, but I eventually got used to it. Now it feels strange to wear pants (even though I have to at times because I don't have skirts that will sustain the windy weather we get here a lot). I feel much more feminine, and I can now see how immodest pants are on women, as Clevsea mentioned. So if you find it strange at first, and even uncomfortable, take heart that it does get better with time. Remember we are setting examples for our daughters (or sons) to witness Godly womanhood. Their eyes are always on us.

If you need some ideas on how to keep warm in skirts in the cold weather, go here.

If you have any more ideas on how to make the transition easier, please share,

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  1. I just love seeing God at work! What a wonderful, thoughtful post! You're right; it is so important that the Lord be the one leading your heart, through His word and spirit, and not the well-intentioned words of others. YOU must know that what you are doing and the choices being made are a result of HIS prompting and revelation.

    A tip for the wind (we live near "the" windy city itself) is to wear a denim or heavier gauge skirt on windy days; not one that's too long or too full, but rather just past the knees and slighty fitted, though not tight. They are modest and feminine but don't blow up and around in such dramatic weather :)

    Praying He blesses you with wisdom as you seek to please Him.

    Jaime @ Like a Bubbling Brook"

  2. Jaime~I figured that's what I need to get for the windy days, but unfortunately the finances will not allow right now, and possibly for quite a long time. I sure hope to get some as soon as possible though.

  3. Mrs. Q,

    You don't know how much I needed to read this article! Were you "reading" my mind? :)

    BTW, I see that you have a new blog button. It is very pretty. :)


    -Lady Rose

  4. I am so glad it was helpful, dear Lady Rose, though I cannot read minds :)

    I am also glad you like the new blog button~thank you.

    Have a good day Lady Rose,
    Mrs. Q

  5. Ok Now I'm waiting for my dryer to be done and the kiddos are happy, I have time to read a few of you post :-)!!!!

    I had to transition from pants to skirt too, because of convictions. I wasn't easy and my parents didn't agree, they are not Christian so to them my outward appearance was showing the change that God was doing inside that they were against it!!!

    But we have to do what God wants, and not the world, we can't and should try to please the world
    Thanks fro this post :-)

  6. I'll pray for your parents Mrs. Stam that they may know the Lord Jesus Christ. Mine are Christians, and they still think it's weird to wear dresses and skirts most or all of the time.

  7. Great topic and good article Mrs Q :-)
    Personally, I think it is helpful if you can find skirts that have a nice shape and make you feel feminine. Not all styles are suitable for all ladies. I also find that in the beginning the transition can be helped if you wear loose pants with long flowing tops which reach to mid thigh or longer.
    To make a habit of wearing skirts or dresses to church is a good start. From there, to the stores and for visiting friends. Before long you'll see you are reaching more and more for them and less for the jeans and pants.
    You'll also start to notice others and how unattractive they look in clingy pants or ugly sweats. It is an eye-opener when you dress more mindfully. You become more aware and tuned in to true femininity. The work of grace in this process is invaluable!! blessings..Trish

  8. Good ideas, Trish! I had to start at home--I was too chicken! Like I said, I still have to wear pants some of the time when I go out (wind + not proper skirts for this = pants), but I find it much more "normal" for me to wear skirts now. Plus, my girls complain if I wear pants now LOL!

  9. We always wear shirts/dresses or jumpers no matter what the weather conditions. We wear snuggies as they are caled here...tight fitting underclothes that have legs to the knee. Split skirt half slips help too when it is windy or cold. Or two slips for the extra warmth. If necessary tights or even slacks under long skirts are helpful. No matter what type of weather or work we have to do skirts work. Ladies of course wore them for many years no matter what work they had to do that day. Cottons for summer coolness and denium or wool and such for winter. I am really enjoying these articles. Thankyou very much. Anna

  10. Anna, thank you for your input. Those are very good ideas for staying warm in skirts.

    God bless you,
    Mrs. Q


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