Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homemade Baby Wipes and Baby Powder

Did you know that baby wipes have harmful chemicals in them?  I have heard this before but can't afford the expensive wipes made by Seventh Generation or other natural companies.  I have not made my own baby wipes yet, but I would like to try some day.

Here is a recipe for making your very own baby wipes:

  • Mix 2 Tablespoons castile soap (like from Dr. Bronner's or Desert Essence, which makes one with tea tree oil) with approximately 2 cups of water
  • You may also add a few drop of lavender essential oil
  • You can then squirt this onto some type of cloth or washcloth at home, or use paper towels
  • You could store the cloths or paper towels in an old baby wipes container or a plastic storage bag (when on the go)

Baby Sitting

I have not ever used baby powder on our babies (also unhealthy), but perhaps you do and would like  a healthier solution.  Here is a recipe:
  • Mix 5/8 cup arrowroot powder (a white powder found in most health food stores) and 1/8 cup powdered lavender, which you may be able to find at your health food store or can order online at Bulk Herb Store and use just like you would baby powder

Hope this helps!

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  1. Thanks for the powder recipe! I want to try this for myself. I don't use scented powders but have be using baby powder for ages. I'm wary of the talc issue so this looks like a nice alternative :-)

  2. Thanks so much for this post!! I've been looking for info like this, perfect timing! :)

  3. These are great recipes. Arrow Root is just good for you, but I never thought to use it as a powder for babies.

    Thank you so much!!!!

    P.S. Thanks for linking up to Domestically Divine.

    Mrs. Q, you're such a blessing to me. I love visiting here. Thanks for everything.

  4. Hey Emily!
    Thank you for asking if we are alright down here.
    Praise God We are fine where I live, which is a very long way from the current flood disaster making international news.
    I actually live in central New South Wales and the floods are happening in the state of Queensland - nearly 2 full days drive away from us.
    It is absolutely tragic and frightening up there at the moment! The La Nina weather pattern has caused unprecedented storms over much of our country. Prayers are appreciated for all who are in danger!
    God bless you Mrs Q - thank you so very much for thinking of me, dear friend :-)

  5. I make the same baby powder! :)

    Thanks for the recipe, too. I was quite dismayed when I discovered that my son's Pamper's Sensitive Baby Wipes actually removed dried paint from my hardwood floors! (I painted the living room last week). I use a wet washcloth most of the time, but travel and sloppy poos I like to use disposable wipes.

  6. I haven't seen recipes for either of these before - thanks so much for making this information available!

  7. Trish~I replied on your blog--glad all is well. And Jasmine~thank you. You are such a blessing to me as well.

  8. Mrs. Q,

    I like the fact that you are such a blessing to young mothers. You are always providing them with healthier and safer ways to take care of their babies. God will surely bless you for this!

    -Lady Rose

    P.S. I sent you an email awhile back. Did you receive it, or did it get "lost in the shuffle?"


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