Thursday, January 6, 2011

~Notes from Home~

Good day readers,

I tried to write a post last night, but Blogger wasn't letting me post anything whatsoever.  The last few days I have been sick, with the flu it seems.  Sunday night I felt it coming on; my whole head hurt (including throat, neck, etc.)  I slumped off to bed only to wake in the morning to feed the baby and then return to my slumber for a little longer before I arose to make breakfast for the family.  After we ate I was freezing cold and Husband tried to warm me in the blankets on the couch.  After I fed everybody lunch and I put the younger children to bed for their naps, I myself was too tired to eat and retired to the bedroom for rest.  Thankfully I had put some food in the crockpot before I laid down, so dinner was ready at mealtime.  I am feeling a lot better now, just tired and a little weak.  Yesterday I struggled to stir our dinner while preparing it!

The children had come down with a sickness shortly before Christmas, so we were unable to go to church with my parents as planned.  My dad gets terribly ill whenever he gets sick~his immune system goes into overdrive and attacks his body, so we try to do our part in not bringing illness to him.  We did however get to go to my in-laws for dinner.  We had roast, green beans, salad, bread, and some quinoa that was prepared by my mother-in-law.  I had never tried quinoa before, but it was quite good.  They blessed the children with some nice gifts--a comforter, wooden toy car, pajamas, and a soft soccer ball for our son; doll clothes, some dress up items (princess hat and purse), purses filled with necessities--(tissue, hand sanitizer, body pouf, brush) and items to set the table--cloth napkins, tablecloth, apron.

Mrs. Weddel and Children

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My birthday falls in this month.  I have been surprised to see my dear children, upon the very first day of this month, begin preparations for their mother's birthday.  They have been extremely busy with gifts they are making me.  They work on them while they eat.  They work on them while it is playtime.  They keep saying, "Mommy, can you please not look over here?  I'm working on your present."  They have made signs to put up by the doors, asking me to please not come in because they are busy working on my surprise.  I do not know how I am so blessed.  I am so undeserving of these gifts, and by gifts, I mean our children.  I hope they love me so when they get older.

Well, my head is hurting now, so I will go.  Thank you for reading, my dear friends.

May God bless your day.


  1. oh, no, praying for fast recovery, my dear friend!!!

  2. Heavenly Father, please pour Your grace and healing power into Emily as she looks to You for strength of body and spirit. Renew her energy and concentration and rid her of this illness, I pray in the mighty and merciful Name of Your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

    Your children are so sweet Mrs Q!
    Take your rest and get well soon :-)

  3. Oh, I am so sorry you are feeling so ill. I am praying that God will soon restore you to vibrant good health!

  4. I love crockpot dinners, they are so convenient. I hope your feeling better. Your children are such little darlings. :)

  5. Thank you so much, ladies. I am feeling a lot better today. Monday was my worst day, and I was glad I got some extra rest! The children aren't so sweet, aren't they? I am so blessed.

  6. My, my, shame on me! I haven't been over for awhile and I love the look of your site! S glad you are feeling better, and so sweet to hear about your children blessing you! Aren't crock pots a blessing!


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