Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Creatures

Oh yes, God made many wonderful creatures.  Yes, indeed.  He is a wonderful, majestic, creative God.

I can deal with lovely creatures like this found outside of our home:

But this one, found inside our house, not so much.

I am glad God chose to protect me from this creature once more, keeping me from the painful sting (and possible impending death from this animal, depending on which kind it was).  Last summer I found one on my foot (that one met its death with a hairbrush, this one, a nearby lotion bottle), and I also was not stung then.

Any interesting creatures where you live?


  1. Oh dear me, those are nasty little devils aren't they. I detest scorpins. We have spiders a close cousin, and I am always getting bit. Their venom has a flesh decomposing element to it and after the intense itching is over there is a terrible scar left. Just walking outside and into the garden will get me a few.
    We also have ticks in the spring, but since my husband has been mowing the fields they aren't as bad this year. We have lovely deer around us and they are covered with ticks. The deer sleep in my yard on the fresh mowed grass. Guess I'll have to get some Ghinea hens. They delight in finding and eating ticks.
    Janet W.

  2. Oh yes living in Coastal Southern Georgia, there are many critters around here, many skinks, lizards, and such plus huge Banana Spiders. Yesterday I went out to feed chickens, and there was a Georgia snake in the laying bins, I was about 5 foot long too, they are not poisonous but very aggressive, and will bite you if not careful, well come in the house got my pistol and shot him several times in the head, then had to remove him with a hoe and hose down the wire in the pen. Gross, and that is just an example of our critters here in our woods.

  3. Yikes!! We do have scorpions here, but they tend to stay in the desert, where they belong. We do get Sun Spiders, who look like a very close relation to the scorpion in your photo, but sans stinger. They move very quickly which makes them hard to catch. We used to get them all the time in my old house, but thankfully I have not encountered one where I live now.

  4. Yes, it is no fun finding them in the house. I did some research and of course God made a completely natural pest control element in cedar oil. We have ordered some products to help us keep the nasties away.

    Becky~We have had "sun spiders" in the house too. I've had one of those run across my foot too! Another word for those is "wind scorpion" because of its close resemblance to the scorpion, and for how fast it runs.


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