Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Beautiful Bride

Tomorrow we plan on going to a wedding.  Hopefully it will be beautiful.  Hopefully it will be enjoyable.  I pray that it is a blessed and joyous time for all who are involved.

I have noticed a disheartening trend, even among Christian ladies, to wear the most revealing dresses at weddings that they would never wear elsewhere.  Both the brides and bridesmaids bare almost all with bare chests and backs, while the guys stand around in their tuxedos.  Do you see the irony in this?  May the Christians take more thought into how they dress for weddings, so as not to offend the people who are joining them in the celebration of new life together.

Wedding dresses did not used to be so revealing, but portrayed beauty and loveliness in the fabrics instead of the bride's show of skin.
In honor of the beauty and purity that a virgin bride is supposed to exude, I have posted some pictures of simply lovely brides in their modest wedding dresses below.


The Bunch of Lilacs, 1875

Beautiful Bride

The Bride

Wedding Toast

Fresh from the Altar

With love.


  1. AMEN I agree, there is no place or occasion that "allows" any women to dress immodestly (in public place ~ for should be done very openly to their own husband in their own home!!!)

  2. Very true, often Christians forget modesty on their wedding day. Yet, our wedding day should not be an excuse to be immodest. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. This is so true, why do women think they need to expose all to be attractive, I get really sick of seeing womens boobs hanging out every where I go, I want to say cover up, my you are not all that, if I wanted to see that I would join a nudist colony, God forbid they make a man sin against God over their ignorance. Thank Mrs, Q good post.


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