Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anticipation of Fall

Oh, I love fall.  Do you?  I love the cooling of the weather...the earlier nights...the ending of hot summer days...
The reminder that it's time to slow down...just a little bit.

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Soon the trees will be turning their beautiful colors.  We will get out the cold-weather clothes and blankets in anticipation of a winter snow...

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What do you love about fall?

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  1. Hi Darling,
    I love everything about fall. Being able to cook inside, cozy nights, I love fall fashion! More layers...hats, scarfs...I love the windows open and the fresh air for doing housecleaning. Wearing longer skirts and cute jackets, boots, gloves, and again, I love scarves. Baking bread, muffins, cookies, cakes and using my slow cooker. More time inside to read, paint, decorate for the holidays...oh dear, I could go on and on...


  2. Hi Emily,
    I love Autumn too!
    The red, yellow and russet colours of the trees, the cooler temps, the different food that one enjoys in that season, the change of clothing to more snuggly fabrics, the quietening down of the home atmosphere etc.
    Actually, I think each season has special joys to be discovered and entered into.
    Love and blessings from my sunny Spring day.. to your lovely Autumn day :-)

  3. I love autumn, the weather is calmer and gradually goes from hot to cold with in the three months in a very quiet way. Whereas spring can be hot one day and cold the next. Enjoy this beautiful season, whilst I enjoy spring.

  4. So good to see you, Trish!

    Jo, I agree--spring here comes with hot days too (not my favorite).

    Enjoy your spring you two!

  5. I love the beautiful colors of the leaves changing. I am especially looking forward to the rainy, cooler weather. I live in Texas and I am tired of the heat and drought!

  6. So do I, Linda. I do hope you get some real fall weather there in Texas!


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