Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Shelving of Women

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"The headship of men does not mean the shelving of women. The Pauline epistles tell us plainly how real and extensive the role of women was in the New Testament church. Men who seek to make a woman the mere adjunct of themselves are stupid, foolish, and unchristian. They pass up the wealth of God's way for the poverty of their ego. The churches which relegate women to a limbo of irrelevance are guilty before God. Subordination does not mean irrelevance nor incompetence. If this were true, every corporation would be better off if all the staff and employees were fired, and only the chairman of the board remained. It would commonly mean the departure of intelligence." ~R.J. Rushdoony (1984)

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  1. I love this. We just studied women's roles in the church. And just because we are not to be preachers, elders (bishops) or deacons, does not mean we don't have important roles or that we are not "necessary" to the church.

    Some of our very important roles include:
    Teaching children in bible study
    Teaching other women in bible study
    being a helpmate for our husbands
    being a dedicated servant of the church; "clothed in good works"; assist the needy, visit the sick and bereft, etc.
    teach other women to lead chaste lives
    be a soul winner for the Lord by the example of our lives, thus helping to grow the church.

  2. Great quote! A submissive wife is NOT a doormat!


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