Monday, October 10, 2011

A Quiet Evening at Home

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 The children are in bed.  I am thankful for the quiet of the house.   Tomorrow I will need to go and buy food.  I wish it weren't so because I would rather stay home, but I need to provide food for the household.  We do not have a garden, or a root cellar, or a farm, so I must go to the stores to obtain what we need.  I must do the meal planning for my husband and children, and then for me and the rest of the children who are on GAPS.  There will be a lot of vegetables, meat, nuts, and bones to purchase.  From these I will make several soups and other meals.  I will pray that the things that we need are on sale.  I want our family to have healthy, nourishing meals to eat.  I love my family, and I want to cook well for them and bring them health through their food.

That is my quiet evening, before the busyness of tomorrow...

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy day set before you for tomorrow, Mrs. Q. I have meal planning and grocery shopping planned for a day this week myself.

    You sound tired. I pray that you can get some much needed rest, Dear Friend.

  2. I find eating healthy food is cheaper than pre packaged food but it involves far more work once home, which I don't mind. I do one large shop each fortnight and a small shop on the other week, for things like fresh veggies. And once every three months I do some bulk buying at Costco.

    This summer I am growing a bigger than usual veggie garden and hoping I can produce enough to make sauces, jams and freeze food for the winter.

  3. Thank you, Madame. The grocery shopping always makes me tired. I would much rather stay home :)

    Joluise~I wish I could say the same! If I want high-quality foods here it usually costs more than the cheap garbage labeled as food. And half of us are on a no grains/no beans diet right now and that is not cheap of course. I pray one day we can have a garden, but that is not easy in the desert.

  4. Oh my, you're on the GAPS diet? I just sat down after chopping all the squash, onions, etc for our first batch of GAPS soup! It has taken so much preparation and I think I just chopped for 45 mins straight! But I am really looking forward to feeling better and seeing if I can get my kids' skin issues cleared up. I wasn't able to buy the book because we put the money to the food, but I'm hoping I've read enough on the GAPS website and other blogs to be able to do it well enough to see a positive change.

  5. Shelly--thank you so much :)
    Yes, Michelle, it does take a lot of prep-work doesn't it? It is helping with our skin issues, so I'm sure it will yours as well. There is a group going through Intro right now at the Health, Home and Happiness blog if you need encouragement. It is good there is so much info about it on the internet!

  6. i'm with you Em ( i hope you don't mind that i call you that but i think of you as such a close friend and i love being Anne of Green Gables!)
    the food that it is good for us is soooo expensive! and no one in my area seems to want to eat healthy but me and this one other woman i see at the store each week. (we have a walmart) the drought killed any bit of garden we had too. it makes feel not so alone knowing that i am not the only one without a farm or garden. we were not able to afford our beef this year either :( but God is good!!

  7. I am intriquied by this GAPS diet you have mentioned. We have followed the Feingold program for my son who has many sensitivities. It avoids foods with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives but we are trying to move even more towards a whole foods/plant based diet with about 50% raw.

    I hope you are able to find all you need at a great price and that the time away will be blessed as you purchase the things needed for your family.



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