Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Every Homemaker Needs...

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  1. Dear Mrs Q,

    I've been reading your postings for some months because I also consider that homemaking is the true business of christian women. At the moment am working as a teacher in a countryside school and because my husband had a car accident on ice-covered road we are car-less at the moment. Do you think we should be grateful for everythink that God has been sending upon us without trying to find solutions for buying another car? I am just confused because I constantly feel uncomfortable with the idea of taking another job in this perspective. My husband cannot take another job and thinks God will help up with another car if He considers we need one. Do I sound selfish and lazy because I refuse to fight for a car since my husband doesn't ask such a thing from me and neither does he has the possibility to take another job? At the moment we feel ok with using the bus or the train, although we live in a village. I am asking these questions because my parents are very worried about our life without a car and my refusal to work even harder in order to get one. I just need a straight opinion from a homemaker.

  2. Hello and thank you for your question. I do not think you sound selfish and lazy at all. You stated that you are OK with using the bus or the train, which is wonderful. Life does not require having a car if you have this other means of transportation, and you shouldn't feel the need to work 2 jobs so that you and your husband can have a car. I am sorry your parents are putting pressure on you to work even harder than you are. That should make them feel guilty, not you. Since God has said you are to be a keeper at home, you should take Him at His Word, and try not to get so upset when other people insist you work and work and work at another job. You have to understand that other people will most likely always bother you about working for pay, but you can just kindly state your position on the matter and then move on to a different subject. It is wonderful that your husband is not putting the pressure on you to have another job. Be thankful for what the two of you have and trust in God to provide what you need.

    Hope this helps,
    Mrs. Q

  3. Thank you very much, Mrs Q for your kind and supportive answer. I was recently thinking that my job as a teacher serves God and children in our village, as we don't have our own blessings due to some health problems. Taking another job would make my teaching shrink in quality and my duty as a wife too. My inner feeling tells me that if God sends more money through my husband's income (which is not fix like my salary and more generous than mine) this will be a sign that we may buy another car. We've been thinking about me just keeping the home and garden starting from next year because I have a temporary working contract and this will continue according to the number of children in school. Now I have full-time classes, but in small villages this may change due to a reduced number of children. i used to work in an office 3 years ago and I changed my job for my family's sake. Now I sometimes feel sad because i don't have my own children, but God surely put us on trial and He will soon give us a true family life. May God send His blessing upon our families!


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