Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flowers for Valentines

I hope you have had a beautiful Valentine's Day and that you were able to share a special day of kindness and love with those around you.  What kind of traditions do you have for this special day?  Do you like to make homemade Valentine's cards and send them in the mail?  Do you like to make special treats with your children?  Do you like to buy florist flowers and bring them to loved ones or decorate your own home (or of course, get them from your husband)? Serenata Flowers has some beautiful flowers that can be delivered in the UK.  You can even get free delivery on your first order.  You can browse flower arrangements by occasion, and I'm sure you will find something lovely!

Today I woke up to a special surprise of flowers in the kitchen.  It is nice to receive a special gift.  Recently I was celebrating our daughter's birthday.  I was asked to make a chocolate cake and a nice dinner of meatballs.  She wanted me to play piano for her, which was quite special.  She also wanted to play hide-and-seek with me.  I am blessed that my children love to spend time with their mommy.

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  1. I think flowers make a home more beautiful, it's like having your home smiling at you :-)

    Have a love full day


  2. We like to make cards and be creative when there's no extra spending money. DH gets us girls flowers and chocolate. Happy Valentine's day!


  3. My husband and I made a nice dinner and watched a movie. It was a lovely evening. No need for flowers and we don't do cards. Our children have never been involved in our valentine day, however, now they are adults they share it with their partners.


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