Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Early Spring Cleaning

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We are taking a school break and cleaning our house.  The whole thing!  We are going through everything, room by room, to see what we need and don't need.  The girls have been helping me, and they have been wonderful.  We are pretending we are moving, to see what we really need, and getting rid of the rest.  This is helping us to stay focused.  We think of things as if we will have to pack them up if we do not get rid of them!  The girls gathered 8 trash bags full in only a couple of hours.  How wonderful it is to get rid of things no longer needed!  It is like a giant weight has been lifted.

I am enjoying this "spring cleaning", but we still have more to do.  Most of our school books have arrived for next year, so the children have been enjoying looking through them when they have some down time.  We have to stay on task and clean up our home.  In our small space, it is easy to become over-encumbered with "stuff".  We are so much enjoying this time together going through things and purging, and organizing what is left.  I am blessed to have so many girls!  They like learning more about keeping the home.

Our sweet little 6 year old mixed up the ingredients for tortillas for lunch and rolled them out herself while we were busy working.  She did such a great job and is learning too.  Oh, the blessings of home and family!

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  1. I am doing something similar! I have to exchange things in one bedroom for another, and in so doing have made a terrible mess and am gradually getting things packed up to get rid of. We have distribution centers here but I try to offer things I don't want to friends first, and if they do not want them, I send them elsewhere. Cleaning is like lifting a big weight off your shoulders.

    1. How wonderful! It is a lot of work to do, but so rewarding.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. I was thinking of doing the same thing! Kudos to your girls for getting rid of so much! Thanks for the inspiration to turn my thoughts into actions.

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