Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Soup a Day

Brer Rabbit
Brer Rabbit

Have you ever been to those restaurants that have a "Soup of the Day"?  A long time ago I have, and I was thinking it would be nice to have a soup every day for our family.  Yes, even in the warm months.  If you make your soup homemade (not from a can), with homemade stock, you will be providing a very, very nourishing food for your family to eat.  Not only that, but soups are a good way to get vegetables in for picky eaters.  There are many soups that can be pureed after cooking, which makes it especially easy to get the vegetables in!  (Please note that even store-bought stocks, soups, and broths labeled "MSG-free" still contain that nasty neurotoxin).

I plan to make a soup a day every day, or every other day for the wonderful nourishment it provides.  Homemade stock is also loaded with calcium and other essential minerals.

Here are some of the soups we will be enjoying:

Yum, yum!

Does your family enjoy soups?  Do you make your own stock or is that a new concept to you?

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  1. My family loves soups. We make one almost every day. I just made the chicken soup the other day, it is just so good and simple. Here is a link to where I found the recipe.

    1. That sounds pretty good, Lena, thanks for the link. I might substitute some homemade stock for the water though.

  2. I'm a soup maker in winter - a large pot so i can have left overs with crusty home made bread. it is filling and perfect for a cold winters night.

  3. This is a really good idea! I would love to make chicken "Pozole" or "menudo." These are yummy traditional mexican soups that are also healthy! Soup helps you lose weight too!

    Have a very blessed and beautiful Mothers day! :)


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