Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Day Happenings

Summer's Day in the Flower Garden
Summer's Day in...

Finally there is a slight relief from the extremely hot weather.  Last week we got just a bit of rain, and the temps are about 15 degrees cooler, which is just lovely.  I am not much of one for hot weather, so I am so thankful for this blessing.  I am tired and weary of many things, but the blessings must be counted and looked on with thanksgiving.

Just one day at a time...Today we will tackle more school, as we are schooling through the summer.  We will plod away at more spelling, language, math, science, history, reading, and handwriting.  Last week we did our school lessons outside some of the time, which was nice, until our eldest decided there were bugs everywhere and kept jumping up from her seat to find a new "safe" place to sit.  We missed our homemaking, art, and piano lessons over the weekend, as the children's grandparents came for a visit.  Hopefully we will get to those soon, as I would much rather do homemaking, art, and piano!  I also plan on cleaning the kitchen today.  Everybody loves a clean and sparkling kitchen.

I have been seeing entirely too many wind scorpions, both inside and out.  A couple of days ago one crawled out from under my foot as I got out of the shower, but thankfully did not harm me.  I took it as a sign that the Lord is watching over me, even amidst many diverse trials.  What else can I do but praise Him?

And now for a quote:

John Calvin on marriage:
"Every man complains about his wife, saying, I cannot live with her, she is a mad beast, there is nothing in her but pride and haughtiness and rebelliousness. I cannot say a word to her without her paying me back with four. Now it is certain that husbands have for wives such as they make them."

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  1. a scorpion?! yuck!!

    1. Actually a *wind* scorpion. Another name for it is a sun spider. It's a spider that runs really fast and has 4 jaws that deliver an extremely painful bite!

  2. I'm glad to hear that it is cooling down. My brother lives in Denver and they were thrilled to finally get some rain as it has been so hot and dry +the smoke from their recent fires.mThose spiders don't sound very nice at all.

    1. Well it cooled down for a little bit. I see that the temps are going to start rising again (summer just started). I can't wait for fall!


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