Monday, August 13, 2012

Green, Green Grass

Garden in Residential Home, Charleston, SC

When we first moved into our house several years ago, we had a nice, green lawn in our front and back yards.  There is nothing quite like lush, green grass for children to play and lay on in enjoyment of childhood.  Unfortunately, my husband mowed over several sprinkler heads in those early days.   We also live in the desert, which made keeping up with watering a lovely lawn beyond our budget.  Now we are overrun by a yard of sand and desert weeds.  Goat heads make their home in the yard and then travel with us inside!  Even the two year old has learned how to pull the goat heads out when they get stuck on her (or someone else).

I would love to have a beautiful green lawn once again for our children to play on.  Irrigation Supply Depot sells all kinds of supplies that I'm sure could get our yard back to a state of loveliness again.  They have all kinds of sprinkler heads, pipes, and even sprinkler controllers (ours was taken down also)--basically everything you need to have a well-functioning sprinkler system.  Maybe one day we can purchase what we need and have an alluring lawn once again!

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