Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let Them Ask Questions

The Reading Lesson

How many of you mothers tire of hearing "Why" and "How" and so on from your little ones?  It may get exasperating to hear so many questions day in and day out.  Especially if you have several children, you may think the time of answering questions must surely soon come to an end.  But no, God has given them this curiosity so they can learn about His world.  And He has given them this inclination to ask many questions so that they can learn why they should or should not do certain things.

Yes, the temptation is great, when little Susie asks, "Why..." to answer, "Because!" or to get frustrated if the questions have been many.  But instead, the loving mother must learn to answer gently and with wisdom..."Because God..."

So we must take our little ones up on our lap and give instruction.  We are often too busy and preoccupied to truly pay attention to their yearning hearts that long to know about things.  We must, by the wisdom God has given us, instruct them in His Word, about His ways, and about His world.  We must remember to embrace this season of curiosity and inquisitiveness, for one day they will grow up and not be so interested in what we have to say if we haven't established a firm foundation of loving discipleship in the early years.

Just one day at a time, Mommies.  That is all we're given.

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