Friday, August 31, 2012

Sugar Creek Gang Review, Freebie, and Discount!

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As a blogger for The Gabby Moms, I was given an extra opportunity to review this month, this time for an audio of one of the Sugar Creek Gang stories, "Swamp Robber".  If you have a love for older stories, you are in for a real treat with the Sugar Creek Gang.  These stories have their beginnings in 1939 and have now been recorded as dramatic readings straight from the original books on 72 different CDs, sold by Beloved Books.

I think these stories would appeal mostly to boys, at least the "Swamp Robber" story I listened to, as they are about a gang of boys who have adventures together (and that is "gang" in the old-fashioned sense--a group of boys and not something bad).  The boys learn and grow together, and morals are strewn throughout the story in a non-invasive way that fits right in with the adventure.  The characters are quite believable, and they learn more about God and grow together and influence each other for good.  Besides the moral content, children will also learn some science lessons, poetry, hymns, and nature study as they listen to the stories.

It can sometimes be a struggle to find wholesome books and entertainment for our children.  I am very, very picky in what my children are given for learning material, because they are little sponges that will soak up whatever they are exposed to.  As I listened to the "Swamp Robber", one of the boys in the story brought up the subject of ghosts, which made me wonder where the book was going to go next.  Thankfully another boy shared what his mom had taught him about ghosts--that people died and went to heaven or hell and didn't return to earth to haunt people.  So if you are looking for material for your children that is not only enjoyable but will teach them a proper view of the world, these are a good option.

The Sugar Creek Gang audio series is sold in large volumes of several stories.  If you would like to hear what it's all about before you purchase, you may listen to the entire "Swamp Robber" story for FREE here.  And if you'd like to purchase any of the exciting volumes, you may do so with $12 off of your purchase by using the code Lorrie12.

Beloved Books also sells other audios such as the G.A. Henty stories on audio and much more.

I received this product free of charge to review for The Gabby Moms program, but my opinions expressed here are completely my own, honest opinions.

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