Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mother: Have You Made This Resolution?

Miss Willoughby
"Resolved: At the birth of my children, I will resolve to do all I can that they may be the Lord’s. I will now actually give them up by faith to God; entreating that each child may be a child of God the Father, a subject of God the Son, a temple of God the Spirit-and be rescued from the condition of a child of wrath, and be possessed and employed by the Lord as an everlasting instrument of His glory." ~Cotton Mather

What can we do but give our children back to the Lord?  This great responsibility we have been given, we cannot handle without the Lord.  Every day, every waking hour, every minute, we must choose the better things:  the things that will grow our children and shape our children into what would be usable by the Lord.  We must instruct them carefully and with purpose, never in haste or thoughtlessness.

This requires much prayer and dedication on our part.  So don't waste time here and go get to work if they're waiting for you ♥♥♥

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