Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cooking Extravaganza Review

Everything you need for being a wonderful cook in the kitchen!  That's what's included in Lorrie Flem's Cooking Extravaganza bundle.  As busy wives and mothers, sometimes the thought of getting meals on the table three times a day can be daunting.  But Lorrie gives a whole lot of wonderful advice on how to do it and not pull your hair out getting it done.

This bundle includes seven ebooks and one printed book.  The eight titles are:
  • Bulk Cooking Tips & Tricks E-Book, which has lots of helpful tips for bulk cooking (goes along well with the printed book)
  • Lorrie's Favorite Recipes E-Book-a collection of Lorrie's favorite recipes from 2011
  • The Secrets of The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Made Simple E-Book-tells you how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies and how to make some changes to suit your family's tastes
  • Brianna's Pizza Primer E-Book-tells you how to make everything for a wonderful pizza including the dough and the sauce
  • Fill 'Er Up - Ideas to Fill a Bottomless Pit E-Book-help to fill up children who always seem to be hungry
  • Sensational Salads E-Book-lots of recipes and ideas for salads
  • Healthy Sanity Savings Breakfast E-Book-recipes and ideas for breakfasts
  • What's for Dinner Mom? Printed Book-I already reviewed this one and you can read that here.  The book you receive in your bundle will be a signed copy!
These books are really great.  There are so many tidbits of information in here to help you learn more about cooking and filling your family's bellies.  There is something for everyone to learn, as well as some really great recipes.  I especially appreciate Lorrie's tips on how to fill up the bellies of children that seem to never be full.  I have very, personal experience in this area.  My children always seem to say, "I'm still hungry!"  Lorrie also teaches how to get food on the table that is not only yummy, but healthy as well.  I have to agree with Lorrie when she encourages you not to feed your children nutrition-less breakfast cereals!

This bundle would make a great Christmas gift!  If you do want to order it for Christmas, just be sure to do so by December 12 in order to receive your printed book in time.  This is another great product from Eternal Encouragement that you are sure to enjoy!

Lorrie is also doing a giveaway for the bundle, and you may enter at her blog.  The winner will be chosen in December.

I reviewed this product for free for The Gabby Moms program, but my opinions expressed here are completely my own, honest opinions.

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