Thursday, February 28, 2013

Creating Contentment Review

You really don't want to miss this one.  I tell you, each time I get to review a product for Eternal Encouragement and the Gabby Moms I am blessed.  And I mean that.  I'm not just saying it.  If I had the money, I might just purchase everything Lorrie produces because they're always that good.

Anyways, on to this month's review.  Lorrie Flem has started recording online seminars she's conducted so everyone else can benefit from viewing the video and slideshows just like you were attending the live event.  I got to "attend" one of these this month called "Creating Contentment".  I have to admit when I first heard what it was called I kind of brushed it aside as something along the lines of being content with not having much money or a big house or something like that.  I've been doing that for years so didn't really see the big rush to listen to the seminar!   But I am so glad I did.  It is about so much more than that.  I found myself thinking "Wow" time and time again after Lorrie laid out another Bible truth on contentment and how it applies to our lives, and what it looks like in real life.  I love that she doesn't just give us a lot of nice ideas, but tells us how to put them into action too.  Lorrie also shares some of the things she's been through too so we know she can relate.

I am glad that Lorrie mentions we shouldn't be content to live in an abusive situation nor happy to live outside of God's will for us--we should do what we can to change those types of situations.  But she does tell us how we can be content while we wait for God to move on our behalf and accomplish His will after we've done what we can to change a situation like that.

As usual, Lorrie has many gems of encouragement and conviction to share with us, and one of my favorites was this, "If God never did anything for us except write our names down in the Lamb's book of life, that is enough, that is more than enough!"  And I know she is right about that.  I want to share more but there is just so much more to it that you'll have to get it for yourself.  I know you'll be blessed by it as I was, because who couldn't learn more about contentment and trusting in the Lord, even through difficult circumstances?

Also, you may be interested to know that there will be another Seminar available for purchase in the store on March 1, 2013 called True Womanhood is not for Wimpy Women. You can read about it here:

I received this product for free to review for The Gabby Moms program, but the opinions expressed here are completely my own, honest opinions.

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  1. Sounds like a good read, have a wonderful weekend sweet friend

  2. So glad this was a blessing to you

  3. I'm always blessed by Lorrie's products. I think that she has been used mightily by God and hope that will continue! Thanks for the review :)


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