Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Days Gone By

German Mother and Child at the Piano

Sometimes I find myself longing for days gone by...the time when I only had little ones.  I miss the days of fun and play--those days seem so far away now.  Where did the time go?  It seems a long time ago that I was only teaching kindergarten to my eldest.  She was so small sitting at the kitchen table, learning about apples, leaves, and other goodness of God's creation.  There was no hard math to learn.  Learning was fun and simple.  Now there are more things to teach.  I feel the pressure of some of my children getting older.  Am I doing things right?  How can I help this child to become more of what God wants her to be?  As a mom who loves her children dearly, I don't want to make any mistakes.  But I know I have and do.

But as mothers we all pass through different seasons.  Seasons of one child, seasons of just little ones, seasons of growing-older-children with maybe a baby too.  Then come the seasons of no more babies and children leaving the nest.  Then we are emptied of our offspring as they marry off (but hopefully there are grandchildren!)

We have to learn to embrace the season we are in.  I have to learn to do this.  There are no perfect seasons in life, but there are millions of moments that are just fleeting.  We have to learn to keep this in mind, whether we are in a time of hardship and struggle, or a time of great happiness, feeling carefree.  We have to learn to be content in the season we are in so we don't miss the here and now.  The days pass too quickly and children grow way too fast.

Dear Lord, help me to embrace this season and not be longing for one gone by.  Help me to live contentedly in the here and now. Help me to savor these sweet moments of motherhood, and give me wisdom to do the best things for my children.  Show me Your ways, oh Lord.  Lead me in Your path of righteousness.  Help me to mother the way You want me to.  Amen.

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  1. My prayer too Emily! God is good no matter our circumstances!

  2. As a mom of one married daughter with 3 children and a 16 year old still at home I often tell women that the hardest thing a mother ever learns, is learning to let go...Blessings do come with each season, we must purpose to look for them...

  3. Hello, I just wanted to tell you Happy Easter! As I read your last couple of posts, I just wanted to encourage you!
    All I can say was that when my children left home I was so sad. I was really not adjusting very well. My husband is amazing, he and I worked through it together. Yes, we must enjoy the present moment. Pray you're all feeling better.
    Blessings, Roxy

  4. Emily, you are wise in that you realize each season is in and of itself a blessing! Continue to look forward to what lies ahead as there are yet many beautiful memories to be made. When the time comes for you to be a grandmother, you will find the new blessings of babies once again, and the joy of helping your daughter or daughter-in-law with children and houseework. God's plan for older women is not to retire from life, but to continue to bless our children and those who need the help of the 'older women'. Life will continue to be full and productive, just as Dorcas was in the book of Acts. God bless you as you discover the new adventures God has for you with your growing children!

  5. I really miss those days gone by. One is still living home, though grown. I am having a hard time adjusting to ageing. Please pray for me.


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