Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Family that Dines Together

How often do you eat dinner together as a family? I hope it is almost every night! Even Christian homeschool families may not make time to eat together as a family because of different activities everyone is a part of. If this is you, I encourage you to cut out the extra stuff in your lives so you can all be together at the dinner table, and not just present in the same room, but actually engaged with one another. So cut out the TV, computer, phone calls, iPads...just spend the time together! Below I am sharing with you an interesting info-graphic with some interesting regarding sharing meals together. I have to admit I have been eating late recently due to trying to get other things done in the daylight hours. But normally I eat with my children and we share this time together. Please feel free to comment on how you make mealtime special. Lots of times I like to read the Bible to my children after we finish our meal.
Family Dinners Infographic

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  1. Though it's just me and my husband, we try to eat our dinner meals together every night. It's true that eating dinner inspires conversations. On some nights, my husband and I have talked 2 to 3 hours AFTER dinner - just sharing our days, our beliefs in the Lord, etc.

    By the way, thanks for the "hat tip" about the new film from The Moore Family. I ordered a copy and received it today in the mail. I'm really looking forward to viewing it. :)


    1. That is so wonderful about the meals you and your husband share and the long talks you have. You are so blessed in that regard. I am glad you were able to order that DVD. Did you enjoy it, I hope?

  2. Hello, I know for sure that eating together as a family is so important. I am so glad that we always did when our kids were home. It is getting so busy with families anymore, no one is at home. We must keep our families together!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Hello, Roxy. What a blessing you shared mealtimes when your children were at home. I am sure they are better off for it.


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