Friday, May 31, 2013

See the Light: Shipwrecked Story & Art Lessons on DVD (Review)


I love being able to teach my children at home.  I love that I can teach them about the Lord in every subject that we study.  There are so many materials out there to help us do just this as parents.

I was recently asked to review a DVD from See the Light (Drawing Children to Him).  See the Light is a Christian company that produces art lessons on DVD for children to learn how to draw and paint.  The particular DVD I was sent is titled "Shipwrecked".  This DVD tells the story from the Bible of when the apostle Paul was on a ship that was prisoner on a boat during a very bad storm.  In the story told by See the Light, they show what a young boy and his father may have experienced when they went through the shipwreck with Paul on board.  As the story is told, we see beautiful drawings done in pastel, some even while they are being created.  The artwork does indeed make the story more interesting.  My children were all captivated.

After the story is told, there are three different art lessons.  My children were amazed to see how beautiful scenes can be created using pastel, and they also learned how to do creative lettering.   What is really encouraging is that Biblical values are also taught during the art lessons, such as the faith Paul had that God would do what He promised.  The art lessons are shown step-by-step in an easy-to-understand, clear manner.

Also included are several bonus features:  music performed while you watch one of the artists create a scene based on the Shipwrecked story, the plan of salvation, commentary while a story scene is being created, and meeting the See the Light team.

My children and I really enjoyed watching this video.  The DVD format is great because you can pause it when you need to, and you can go back to it again and again.  Watching something demonstrated for them helps children understand how to do something quite well.  If you'd like to purchase a copy of Shipwrecked or any of the other See the Light DVDs, you may do so here.

Disclaimer:  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. My children would love that. I love the idea of combining art lessons with the Bible!


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