Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taking Things for Granted

Guest Bathroom

I knew something was wrong last night when the water pressure was very low.  I called the water company and was informed there was a break in one of the main pipes. No estimated time for completion.  Oh great.  Well, I hoped it would be fixed when I and all the children woke up in the morning.


I had written a note for all the bathroom visitors last night: 

"There is a problem with the water, so the toilet may not flush and the faucets may not work.  There is hand sanitizer in the cabinet for you.  Try not to drink too much water (or we will run out).  

Really I hoped it would be better in the morning!  I will have to call the water company again for an update.

It's things like these that remind you what a blessing it is to have running water!

Without it we cannot
  • Wash our hands
  • Flush the toilets
  • Get a drink of water!
  • Take showers and baths
  • Wash laundry (thankfully I washed diapers yesterday)
  • Cook the oatmeal or really much of anything (we don't eat cereal, and I don't have any)
  • Wash dishes
  • Clean
  • Brush our teeth
  • Get water for cloth wipes (I don't use disposable wipes anymore)
  • Put in my contacts (good thing I've been getting used to wearing my glasses with a really old prescription) 
  • Use our cooler to cool the house
  • And I'm sure I'll discover more things when all my children wake up!
I guess we will be making a trip to get some water!  I hope everyone else isn't out doing that too.  Oh, the adventures we have with many little ones.

Remember to thank the Lord for your running water today!  Don't forget to enter to win Season 1 of Courage, New Hampshire.

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  1. You don't want to use water to put contact lenses in anyway. Unless water is distilled, there are ameobas in water that can infect your eye and take several months of acid eye drops to remove. Just use contact solution, and sorry to hear about your water troubles!

    1. Oh I don't use water to put my contacts in. I need it to wash my hands before I put them in though!

  2. I have found out how much we rely on conveniences like electricity and water too much this year. The enemy has been attacking our household since we decided to adopt. We now have a pretty decent stock of water in our basement. If we have no electricity we can't get water since we live in the country and the pump is electric. When we've lost electricity or our water we've gotten a couple 5 gal pails of water for toilet flushing. Pour it in, and flush but limited it to the saying yellow let it mellow. Prayers for speed in return of your water.

    1. Thank you, Cassie--it's back on now. It's nice you have a basement to store stuff like that. We just do not have the space. I hope you are able to adopt soon, if you haven't already!

  3. How are you doing now, is the problem fix?

  4. Oh and since It's raining buckets right now here, you can always use rain water in buckets to flush down toilets, if it comes to that :-)

    1. Hahahaha! Well, send some of that rain down here! We are in a drought and I can't remember the last time it's really rained here! But thanks, I did know about using water from other sources to flush toilets (and that was one of the worst parts with several children in the house!)

  5. So true, friend. I have gone many times without water and know what a blessing it is to have it.

    I hope everything is restored quickly. I'm praying this for you.

    1. It sure is a blessing! It is back on now, thankfully. Thank you for the prayers!

  6. With water restrictions in many parts of Australia over summer, we have learnt to live with much less water. It's not a bad lesson as it stops wastefulness and disregard for something so important.

    1. I wonder what people drink when water is restricted? We don't drink sodas or anything like that, so the majority of our drinking is water or things that come from water (tea, etc.) Are the restrictions varied based on family size?

    2. Water restriction is mostly about use in the garden, washing cars, paths etc. however we are encouraged to have short showers and not waste water. It means washing dishes in very little water. We can buy bottled water if necessary. Children grow up knowing this and it's reinforced at school. In one town near by the dams were so low they almost ran out of water and it had to be trucked in. The last few years have been much better with rain and our dams are much fuller but will always be limited in parts of Australia .


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