Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Computer Break

Ile Saint Martin, Vetheuil

I am going to be taking a computer break for the next few days.  I will be spending time with my family without the interruption of any computer time.  While I am so thankful for the internet and all the things I use it for, it will be nice to have this break.

When we get sucked into the screen we can get so distracted with other things that are going on in the world, that we neglect to see what is going on right inside our own house.  Well, I know I am looking forward to not having this distraction for the next few days.

I hope to spend more time reading the Bible, praying, spending time with my children, enjoying God's creation, and perhaps reading more of the books I've started but have not finished.

What about you?  Is it time for a computer break for you?  I'd love to hear if you've ever taken one and how it blessed you, or if you'd like to join me on this break, please comment when you're done to let me know how it helped you.

Ile Saint Martin,...
Claude Monet
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  1. Enjoy your break. I haven't taken one, sometimes I feel like the computer is my only link to the rest of the world since we moved to this island. LOL. But I have made myself not be on it when my daughter is awake. See you when you get back :)


    1. The computer does help us feel connected, especially to find like-minded folks in our society of many working mothers. Wise choice to stay off when your daughter is awake!


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