Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making the Switch to Cloth Diapers (and Special Today ONLY)

Have you ever thought of making the switch to cloth diapers but thought it would be too messy, too much trouble, or a whole lot of extra laundry?  Well I did!  I never thought I'd switch to cloth diapers, as I didn't really know anything about them--or at least I didn't know the truth about them!

With our first child we purchased some Chinese pre-folds as we thought we would save money by using cloth instead of disposables.  When we received them, I stared at them in disbelief.  They didn't look anything like "diapers" to me!  Unfortunately, I had no one around to explain how they worked, and so for years we have been using those diapers as burp cloths while diapering our babies in disposables.

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Recently I had a few friends who had made the switch to cloth and had shared some things with me, but before I made the big decision to switch, I got Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert and was convinced of just how easy it is to cloth diaper.  Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert is an excellent ebook written by Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker that explains everything about cloth diapers.  And I mean everything!  I decided what cloth diapers would be best for us, purchased what I needed and have never looked back.  I do not miss going to the disposable diaper section of the store at all!  

I so much wish Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert had been around years ago!  My family could have saved thousands of dollars with all the money we wouldn't have been spending every week on purchasing diapers, and all my little babies would have been covered in cloth instead of chemically-laden disposable diapers (I really was shocked to learn what is in them that gets onto our babies' skin and into their bodies).  Erin's book is over 200 pages and covers
  •  How and why Erin made the switch and why you might want to also
  • All the different kinds of cloth diapers and their advantages and disadvantages
  • What type of cloth diaper may be best for you
  • How to clean the different kinds of cloth diapers when you first wash them and then after use
  • Cost of the different types
  • Building a cloth diaper stash
  • Establishing a cloth diaper routine
  • Cloth diapering from newborn to potty training
  • Cloth diapering at night (you can do that too!)
  • Overcoming any cloth diapering challenge
  • Travelling with cloth diapers
  • And more!
I have been cloth diapering for several months now and I wish I had done it with all of our babies!  I actually find it easier than using disposables, and more pleasant too.  My baby loves them too, as they are so much more comfortable.  So if you've been thinking about using cloth diapers instead of disposables, it would be much easier to have all the information you need in one place.  Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert made it really easy for me to find out all I needed to know about using cloth diapers, and I'm so glad Erin made this book!  She is having a special sale TODAY ONLY.  Today only, you can purchase Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert for only $5 by entering code 5BDAY in honor of her first's 5th bday!

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert is also part of the Natural Mothering ebook Bundle.

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  1. My children are 25 and 21 and I find it amusing about wanting to return to old fashion nappies - why, because it was all I used and never thought of using throw away nappies !

    1. Yes, well I know back then that was all that was really used! They have so many more options now as far as cloth diapers--they are really nice!


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