Thursday, June 6, 2013

Praying for Our Children

A Woman at Prayer in a Church

Do you spend time in prayer for your children?  If not, are you willing to start?  I think this is such a vital area in our lives as mothers.  And I mean more than the regular things we pray day to day--the quick prayers for safety, health, restful sleep and the like.  Do you get on your knees before God and pray for your children's spiritual growth, for them to remain pure, for them to not be lured and deceived by the world as they get older, for their future spouse, for certain areas of sin that they struggle with?

When I was a mother of fewer children, I kept a prayer journal I used every day.  I had a section for each child (my husband was in there too), where I kept a picture of each child and wrote down different things I would pray for them for.  I also wrote down scriptures that went along with those requests.  I had about 30 different areas I would pray for and would pray a different one each day.

Lord, Thy Will Be Done, 1855 (Oil on Canvas)

Here are some ideas of things to pray for our children:
  • for them to have good relationships with siblings and other family members
  • for them to honor their parents and not become rebellious
  • for their salvation
  • for them to feel loved and accepted (and to not desire acceptance from the wrong people)
  • protection from harm
  • having a hunger for the things of God
  • for them to follow after truth, and to reject lies and not be deceived
  • for them to be healthy
  • for them to take care of themselves
  • for them to enjoy and use the gifts God has given them
  • to have a desire to learn about the Lord and their schoolwork
  • for them to speak with kindness and encouragement to others
  • for them to be attracted to holiness and purity
  • for them to grow in faith
  • for them to seek wisdom and discernment
  • for them to not be overcome with sin and evil influences
  • for them to walk in repentance
  • for them to reject sexual immorality
  • for them to find a godly spouse
  • for them to forgive others
  • to avoid alcohol, drugs, and other addictions
  • to have the joy of the Lord
  • to have a sound and healthy mind
  • for them to be free of ungodly fear
  • for them to have humbleness of heart
  • and maybe you can think of more!
Prayer is another gift we can give to our children, and what better place can prayer come from than from the love of a mother's heart?

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.  ~Psalm 5:3  

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  1. Yes, I do. You ad some other ideas of areas to pray that I hadn't thought of though! Great post Emily!


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