Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

Woman In Archway

When Mother is out too much...
There is just enough time to be home for the children to make messes, but not enough to clean up.
She gets tired and worn out from too many gatherings, too much running around...
She wants to come home...
Come home to the quiet, the sweet peacefulness of the familiar walls.
The cozy chairs and the ability to lie down a bit to rest.
To sit and be quiet.
To bring a calm over her children and herself...

Too much running around and the children start to believe that home is boring, no fun.
There is no time for family worship and togetherness because the home has been neglected.
And if Mother and children are kept up too late, they don't wake up rested.

God gave us a need of rest and a time to be able to relax.
God placed mothers in the home to keep it a sanctuary and a shelter from the world.
I am so glad when I can be home!

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