Friday, August 30, 2013

Reviving Homemaking Blog Planner Review

Whitney of Reviving Homemaking has created a sweet set for bloggers to help them be organized with their blog posts. Her blog planner pages are designed to help bloggers keep track of just about everything related to their blog.  This is a printable PDF set sold in her Etsy shop.

This set includes:
  • a monthly blog planner page with squares for each day of the month to record things for your blog, such as blog posts.
  • a two-week planner with boxes for each day to plan in, plus boxes for goals, to-do for this week and next, and income/expenses
  • a page for post ideas
  • a page to record weekly statistics from different sources such as Facebook and Pinterest
  • a contributor post page with planning boxes for things such as topic, research, main points, images and links to include, and more
  • a detailed post planner page that includes all the elements of the contributor post page
  • a project planner page with assorted boxes for photo/sketch, materials needed and the cost, and more
  • a giveaway tracker sheet
  • an page to keep track of your affiliate information
  • and more!
Overall I think this is an excellent resource for bloggers!  The pages are colorful and pleasing to the eyes.  The pages are clean and not overly cluttered.  Since this is a printable set, you can print out just as many or as few of the pages as you want, as many times as you want. 

If you would like to purchase Whitney's blog planner pages, you may do so here.  She also has other printable page sets available at her Etsy shop.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the printables! :)

  2. Organization is key. Thanks for sharing this.


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