Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Piano

Woman at the Piano

My fingers fly across the smooth black and white keys, remembering days gone by when I had time to practice...

When I had the time and the energy to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to play the beloved instrument...

Now my days are long and draining...

By the end of the day I am exhausted.

But my children...they beg me.

"Mama, please play the piano!  Please, Mama, please!

It helps us go to sleep!"

And so, sometimes I find myself sitting down to play.

When I should be cleaning or doing some other such needful task...

I lay my hands across the keys and make the sounds, the melodies...

The music fills our home as I could never forget how...

The days are gone when I would play for an audience and hold them captive...

Yes, the pianist is rusty and the piano not great, but my children find it the best music in the world.

And I am happy.
Woman at the...
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  1. Love this post. I grew up playing the piano, then stopped for many years. Recently I invested in an electronic keyboard to play around with. While it's the only thing that will fit in my small space and I'm grateful to have it, it's not quite the same as "the old ivories."

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. It's true that a keyboard falls short of the feeling of a real piano. I hope you can get a piano one day!

  2. I grew up with a piano and my strongest memory is Sunday evenings after dinner, all sitting around as my mum ( then my brothers as they got older) playing hymns and singing. It was wonderful in winter with the wood fire burning, so cosy.

  3. Yeah this is true. Even I got one from my client while I was moving his belongings to other place. He wanted to sell his Piano and I bought it from him. It's with me since then and I love to make my fingers exercised on it.


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