Friday, October 4, 2013

A Picture of a Horse in Stages

My children have taken a liking to receiving drawings that I have made for them for their birthdays.  One of my daughters really likes horses, and so for her birthday, I wanted to draw her a picture of a horse.  I had made a quick sketch quite some time ago when I was trying to give myself some time to draw in the evenings (only 30 minutes).

To this sketch, I added some more details and shading, and blended.  I gave it to her for her birthday, and it now hangs on her wall.  I think it turned out okay, but I would have liked to spent more time on it.  It was getting too late though!

Here are the pictures through the stages:

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  1. You have done a wonderful job and I am sure your daughter will treasure it.

  2. What a wonderful gift! So much better than plastic toys or other soon to be ignored stuff. I like this. Very nice drawing, too!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Yes, I hope it is treasured more than those things :)

  3. Greetings, I get to see our neighbors horse's as I look outside my kitchen window.
    Very nice, hope you can frame it for her!
    Blessings, Roxy


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