Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall in the Kitchen

Pumpkins arranged next to a weathered fence

Tonight I made a lovely, hearty potato soup.  I love that it is the season for soups because I enjoy making them and eating them--you get all of your food groups in one pot (well almost)!  And they are so healthful for you too--especially when made with homemade bone broth.  I have taken a liking to making extra food at dinnertime so we can have leftovers for lunch.  This makes for a much more interesting meal at lunch time than having just sandwiches over and over, and it's easy to heat up last night's meal when lunch time comes around.

Tomorrow for breakfast I will be making warm pumpkin custard with toast and applesauce.  We have pumpkins all over our house, just waiting to be cooked.  But for now they provide pretty fall decor.  Cherished of God already cooked some of the pumpkin for me--she is so helpful.

I have also been making tons of kefir.  My children and I really enjoy this healthful drink.  I got some milk kefir grains and they have been growing out of control, so much so that I have been able to give away a lot of the grains to other people!

What are you up to in your kitchen lately?

Pumpkins arranged...
Thomas Francisco
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  1. Oooo, sounds WONDERFUL! Recipes???? I am a recipe hog when it comes to good, hearty, healthy food! Love to you!

    1. Love to you too!
      Potato soup: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/potato-soup (I added carrots).
      Pumpkin Custard: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/warm-pumpkin-custard-drink-and-my-typo-confessions
      I hope you like them!

  2. There's something so cozy about the making and eating of soup! Contentment in a bowl : )
    It's a great idea to use up left~overs for lunch. In this age of food waste generally, it's an act of thoughtful gratitude (and tasty!)
    The trouble is, if I do the same, as my kids are grown up, I feel so guilty that my sweet hubbie only has a sandwich for lunch at work! ( I try to give him more interesting things, but they are not quick enough to eat.)
    Love pumpkin ~ try roasting chunks with sweet potato and butternut squash, a delicious side dish and easy to do.
    'Home, sweet home' blessings to you, Mrs Q!

    1. It can be challenging to pack good lunches for husbands at work. Thank you for the pumpkin idea and blessings to you too!


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