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Kids Room Home Organizing Tips

One of the most difficult things to deal with at times is organizing the home of your children. In many events such as birthdays or other holidays you could encounter truly terrible messes around that particular room. It could be difficult to establish order and harmony in that room due to the chaotic nature of kids and their love of breaking the rules. On the bright side, you can always use small touches to make a point as we will provide them in this article. So how does one help their child become more organized with their room and its nooks, crannies and toys? Let's begin with the first tip on our list:

Look at things as a child would

The easiest thing to approach that situation is to think about what your child could and should reach as they inhabit their room. Look at their storage space, possessions and furniture pieces and think about ways you can improve that to make it easier for them to put things back in order depending on their height. The thing about adult furniture is that its not exactly working very well with children and their specific needs. For example folding doors may hurt your kids as they close or even fall if pulled too fast as they jump from their railing. Regular hanging rods in closets are too high for kids to store their clothes while typical adult hangers simply never fit their smaller clothing. In most cases toy boxes promote greater chaos as kids have to literally dig through everything they own to find that one piece they need to play with.

If you want to help with the organization of their room you should first find solutions that befit the situation and their needs. When you're dealing with younger kids you should lower the hanging rods and replace your adult hangers with kid-sized ones instead. Use open containers on floor level to hold their toys, especially ones that have compartments so you can help them get used to being organized. You can make a small checklist of things your kids can do to adapt to a lifestyle decision of that sort. Just remember their age and character also play a good part in how adaptive they would be to such an approach.

Focusing on the children

You should avoid going through their things by yourself and making decisions for them if you can. There is no point in forcing the issue with such behavior, but you should focus on helping them understand the need for organization instead. Look at it as a chance to teach rather than enforce and do your best to stay that course to see consistent results. Working toward a solution together with your child will not only make things faster, but will also spark a more smooth transition between their natural penchant for chaos and your (possibly) more organized vision of their room. If kids are involved in what they need to do they will do a whole lot better as they will begin to grasp the logic behind their actions as time goes by.

Sorting and similar actions

The thing about kid's rooms is that they are usually smaller than most other rooms and they generally have less than ideal storage space if any. These rooms will have to adapt to their growth, changes in clothing as well as other issues such as excess toys or even other items around your home. The best way to deal with that is to simplify what they own by sorting things out and storing off-season clothing as well as donating clothes that don't fit anymore. The same goes for toys that they'll never use unless you want to keep them as a memento of the past for them to keep around of course.

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Guest post by Izzy Smith

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  1. Great tips Mama. I find that kids go trough seasons, sometime they get into the "let's organize" mood all by themselves and those are time when I rejoice :-) and other time it's like "dirty/clean oh whatever it's on the floor so lets get it to the laundry room anyways"

    Getting little one to be good home managers and keepers take time, patience and lots of perseverance and most of all we mothers need to show by example :-)

    1. They do go through different seasons. Yes, we do need to show by example too.

  2. I do agree on your point that managing kid's room is much difficult as compared to other rooms. Your tips sound impeccable and helpful for all the moms. I used to store my daughter’s toys that she is not using and many other items in the self-storage unit. I found your tips very helpful and inspiring.

  3. Neat tips! What has worked for us is not allowing toys in their bedrooms or books (other than maybe one on the end-table) We keep all the books in the family bookshelf, and all the toys in a big tote. They go through their toys every couple months to purge any broken things and sort small related items into Ziploc bags. They make their beds in the morning which improves the look of the room by about 80%. And then clean clothes gets piled on their dresser which they have to put-away at some point. Upkeep is a daily expectation so they don't take long on days I ask them to be more thorough. Oh, and I keep a laundry hamper in each of their rooms. In the cooler weather I am trying to teach them they can wear some items again so I don't have to wash so much. They're still learning not to throw used clothes on the floor.

    I hope you and yours are well, ((hugs)). God bless you.


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