Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beautifying and Improving Your Home

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We all know that our homes here are temporary.  We will one day go to the most beautiful home of all when we go to our heavenly home.  But for now, we can make our homes more "heavenly" by how we clean them, decorate them, and otherwise care for them.  Perhaps with our husbands' help, we can even make some home improvements.

When you decorate or make improvements to your home, think of ways you can make it more comfortable for your family, and also more welcoming to guests.  Do you have chairs or couches for guests to sit on?  Anything will do as long as it is pretty clean and isn't piled high with laundry (but you could even remove that if you had unexpected visitors). 

It is nice to add special touches or decorations for the different seasons throughout the year.  They don't have to be expensive, but for autumn it could be as simple as bringing in some fallen leaves from outside and attaching them to a picture frame. When you take time to maintain and upkeep your home, it will help your family to feel more loved and your home to be more inviting to your guests.

Would you like some ideas for improving your home?  You have probably all heard of Pinterest, but another place to get great ideas for your home is BuildDirect.  They post tips on home decor, home improvement, cleaning your home, and more.  They also supply renovation and improvement materials.

What things are you doing to improve your surroundings at home?  Remember, perfection isn't necessary to bless your family.

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