Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Consequences of Disorganization

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If we are disorganized as homemakers, all kinds of things can happen...

With no schedule or routine, we do not accomplish as much during the day--we lose the time as it slips away because we didn't plan for our day.

When we look for a coupon to use because we didn't file it properly, we find it has "already" expired.

When we go shopping, we are rushed to make a shopping list and aren't as careful in our planning if we didn't plan it out ahead of time.  We forget to get things that we needed to buy.  We also don't have time to check the store ads to see what is on sale and what we can get for a cheaper price.

If we are in charge of bill-paying, we may forget to send the bills in on time and maybe even forget to balance the checkbook.

If we are disorganized, we don't have a plan for cleaning our homes or teaching our children.

These are only some of the consequences of being disorganized at home.  We, as homemakers, have a big responsibility.  Don't things run more smoothly when you are organized?

What kinds of things do you do to be organized at home and keep things running smoothly?

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  1. I suspect this is the #1 most common thing LIST is my 'anchor'
    I often write too much on it! Then it becomes a useless 'counsel of perfection', just me nagging myself, which I don't need!!
    So, lately, I stick to a few main, specific goals per day, and enjoy ticking them off : )
    If you could see my list you'd laugh because I sometimes draw little pics of the task eg a letter, needing posting, it's quicker when I glance at it, especially on those days of brain~ fog. (hmmm)
    Checking my diary for where I was feeling the pressure from last year is a good corrective measure! We tend to get into various 'corners' again and again, at least I do! However, since I started blogging, the journal has taken a back seat.
    Blessings to you.!

    1. Oh, I like the idea of cute little pictures on your list :)
      I understand how the list could get too long. I could easily do the same thing.


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